On any basketball team, the Point Guard is one of the most important players. The player must be able to pass, dribble and shoot very well and extremely agile to play point guard. The Point Guard starts and announces plays as well as setting the speed of play of the entire team. He acts as the team coach on the court.

Coaches should know that for any player to enjoy the benefits of playing a specific position their responsibilities must be clearly defined and understood. These responsibilities should be communicated from the coach to the player.

To become an effective Point Guard, you should learn the skills needed to play point guard and be able to apply the skills in basketball games. To play point guard, you should;
1. Dribble the basketball equally well with the right hand and the left hand non-visually (with out necessarily looking at the ball)
2. Learn to move fast with or without the ball
3. Have a good outside shot you can make consistently
4. Remember all plays (and their names) put together by the coach and their hand signals.
5. Possess accurate passing skills. Should be able to play the ball quickly and on target.
6. Keep track of your teammates on court. You should pass the ball to the player with the best open shot.
During the game, the Point Guard should;
1. Should bring the ball up the court at the start of each possession
2. Set the tempo of the game and set up plays whenever he moves the ball steadily across the court
3. Pass the ball to the teammate with the best opportunity to make the short
4. Take the shot whenever he has the best chance to make the basket
5. Penetrate through the defense to make an easy basket or create an opportunity
6. Encourage other players to play better and celebrate successful play to lift up the teammates to a high playing level
7. Run and protect the goal whenever possession shifts to the opponents.

Franklin Kaweru

Franklin Kaweru is the Editor in Chief of Kawowo Sports. He is an ardent basketball enthusiast.

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