SOS wants FUFA boss Mulindwa to resign

Soccer pressure group Save Our Soccer(SOS) who have likened the current federation president Lawrence Mulindwa, worse than former Ugandan president Milton Obote(RIP) want him to resign.

“Lawrence Mulindwa abrogated the federations constitution just like what Milton Obote did in 1967,” a very charged and emotional Nsubuga said at a press conference this morning at Sheraton Hotel. “This man is worse than Obote and has made Ugandan football lawless its time we put an end to this.”

Mulindwa has been summoned to court on January 24 over fraud in connection with alleged amendment of the constitution without approval of the federation’s general assembly. The FUFA president is jointly charged with Fufa Chief Executive Officer Edgar Watson Suubi and Muhamadi Bazirengedde, the Fufa vice-chairman in charge of the Legal Standing Committee.

The trio are facing three charges of making documents without authority, forgery and making false documents as well as fraud and breach of trust.

“There was never amendment to the constitution, but clauses where forged and key clauses where smuggled by the trio,” Nsubuga said. “In Article 57 section 7 it gives the president all the powers to dismiss,appoint members on the executive.”

SOS, a pressure group is best remembered for forcing out former FUFA president Denis Obua(RIP) in 2005. According to the group that has Nsubuga, Dennis Mbidde and Fred Muwema, they will be presenting a full document to the social service committee to the parliament when they return next month and also push the case to the Director of Public Prosecution.

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