FUFA vice president, administration Engineer Moses Magogo has warned that clubs that back embattled USL bosses in the stand-off with the federation risk being banned.

“Once you belong to association football, you do not make sporting or administrative contact with those who do not belong,” Magogo said in a statement to kawowo sports. “Whoever does, is also relieved of belonging to

association football. This formula is worldwide.”

This comes in the aftermath of a stand-off between USL and FUFA and how the league should be run with the federation handing 11 and 1 year bans to the chairman of the league Kavuma Kabenge and his CEO Jimmy Segawa Ebil respectively.

Kabenge  has written to the federation officials threatening to sue them for defamation through his law firm.

“Association football in Uganda is owned by all the football clubs that association in associations, and it is these associations that federate to make FUFA,” the federation vice president stated. “Consequently FUFA owns and is in charge of association football.They cannot use match officials who officiate in association football.”

Earlier 12 clubs resolved to back USL bosses and boycott Bell Lager Kakungulu Cup.

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