No seven days transfer window-Kasule

Fufa vice president in charge of Uganda Super League matter Mujib Kasule has denied Uganda Super League secretariat the chance for a seven day Open window so as clubs sign new players.

The USL board met on Monday evening and suspended the league for a week as clubs look for new players to sign because the ones they had hired are on strike. “A seven day is impossible,” Kasule said. “Does anyone know that it’s not the prerogative of USL to open a window?” he asked.

Super division players have been striking since Friday

because of unfulfilled conditions by their employers in their contracts. Speaking to Kawowo Sports from the Fufa headquarters in Mengo, Kasule cautioned clubs not to even bother signing players because it’s illegal for a window to open in the middle of the season.

“That’s a weakness from USL they don’t have anyone technical enough to guide them by the rules of the game.” “If you breach players’ contracts and they tell you they are not going to play and you decide to open a window fire them and hire other you can’t be taken serious,” noted Kasule.

He assured clubs and players that FUFA will monitor their grievances and a way forward will be enforced for the good of the game. “No window is going to open and we are cautioning clubs not to sign players because there is no open window now and that is from the rules” Unless it’s special circumstances, that’s the only time a club can sign a player outside a window.

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