Three senior women’s national team players Flavia Laker, Carol Namugenyi and Scovia Akello left this weekend for a six-day trip to Benoni Cricket Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The main aim was to have more lessons with coaches down south to improve their skills on and off the oval.

The academy is an all round centre that seeks to improve on the players’ game plan, and mental preparation before and during the match, and this will be linked to the other aspects of batting, bowling and fielding. 

“I am delighted to make the trip,” said Laker.

The Charity Trust Fund skipper alongside Carol Namugenyi and teammate Scovia Akello was selected after a review using statistics of their recent performances last year carried out by continental body Africa Cricket Association (ACA).  

“South Africa has a lot to offer especially in cricket and we hope to make use of the time there,” Akello said.

The academy runs from February 8-14. The notion, supported by the International Cricket Council is running for a third year in succession. 

Last year, Franklyn Najjumba, Mary Nanderenga and Barbara Mukankusi made the trip under the same programme.

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