Isaac Imam Bumbuli, 22, a footballer who has entirely thrived on his natural God given talent  is the latest victim to fall prey to the Police ‘Shoot to Kill tendency’. He was shot last week after a brawl with the Police outside Club Silk in Kampala Industrial Area.

It is reportedly said, the victim at round 4:30AM, while from an outing with friends is said to have knocked one, Kenneth Odwoli’s car near the club’s parking yard.

On the record, he was driving a ‘borrowed car’. After a gentleman’s agreement, the two parties agreed Bumbuli pays Ushs 70,000 for every week (for a full month) to meet the costs of the damaged vehicle.

Within a twinkle of an eye, Kenneth’s friends, who are said to have been drunk then, started beating up Bumbuli upon seeing ‘their’ car damaged . They called the police and he was arrested. He was taken to Jinja Road Police Station, as he tried to walk, one officer, who is now detained at the same post, shot him with 2 bullets in the both knees.

“I felt paralyzed and could not walk, i was bleeding profusely and i fell down”, Bumbuli narrates to Kawowo Sports from his Bed 7, Ward 3 C, with teary eyes.

At the moment, Bumbuli can not walk, stand nor sit. By the time, Kawowo Sports visited the gifted left winger cum striker, the mother, Amina Tumusiime, who was tendering to him, was in tears too.

“We do not have money for the hospital medicine, since we buy the drugs from out. My job is now at stake, i have been here with my son. He is in a lot of pain”, the prison warden says.

Recently, the Shoot to kill Policy by the police was legalized to criminals and so far, it has claimed many innocent lives. Human Rights groups have come out to openly castigate the policy.

“By shooting to death persons who have not gone through the full judicial process, the Police would be acting as accuser, adjudicator and executioner, undermining the separation of powers, which is a fundamental principal of the rule of law”, says Sylvie Namwase, an independent researcher of International Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

Bumbuli’s family that entirely depended on him is struggling to make ends meet. “Bumbuli has been providing the food, clothes, rent and everything. Our 8 month baby and my self are now missing him”, says the fiancée, Brenda Nansikombi, who stays in Kasubi. “I therefore appeal to people with generous hearts to come to our rescue,” she cries out.

Doctor Moses Musumba of Mulago Hospital says, the victim’s condition will take 6-10 months to heal. “We are providing clutches at the most but he has to pay for them”, the Doctor says.

As Bambuli faces a long lay out wounded, a billion dollar questions remain, will his tormentor be brought to book and justice be given a lee way to prevail and will the once glittering football career of the tricky winger be revived???

Channel Any Assistance to him through the mother on 0782-548451 and 0783-824323.

About Bumbuli:

Full Names: Imam Isaac Bumbuli

Date of Birth: 23rd November 1991

Residence: Kasubi, Kampala

Parents: Amina Tumusiime and Hufani Kasitolo

Fiancee: Brenda Nansikombi (With an 8 Month Baby)

Education: Murchison Bay Primary, Kasawo Secondary and East High School, Ntinda

Football Career: Vegetarian Football Club (1st and 2nd Division), Mawokota and Singo Ssaza Teams, U-20 Uganda National Team, Proline Soccer Academy (Nakawa), Kira Young, Isonga (Rwanda U-20- On Loan from Pro-Line Soccer Academy)

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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