Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) boss Engineer Moses Magogo has quashed rumours suggesting that ex-Fufa president Lawrence Mulindwa is silently fighting his regime.

Magogo replaced Mulindwa as Fufa president in August last year after the latter declared his intentions not to stand for third term.

In an interview with Kawowo Sports, Magogo said that allegations of whoever is opposing his rule including Mulindwa are baseless and are not called for since he sees no evidence to that.

“As far as allegations of who is opposing including Mr. Mulindwa is concerned, I think they are not called for because I have no evidence on that,” Magogo said before adding that he is at good terms with Mulindwa.

“With Mr. Mulindwa, we talk on good terms. I don’t know why people keep coming up with this. Maybe there are people who are wishing for that to happen but as far as am concerned, we are fine,” asserted Magogo.

The former Vice President in charge of administration during Mulindwa’s regime further revealed that he was very close to the president and does appreciate what he did for the game and hopes he can also make a contribution which other people can build on.

“We must appreciate the fact that he did a contribution to the game of football. And as the current president, I will tell you I was very close to Mr. Mulindwa and I do appreciate whatever he did for the game.”

“It’s not something that you can easily wash away. He was around and left a contribution. I am around and am hoping to make a contribution and another someone should come and also make a contribution,” stressed Magogo.

Magogo also stated that Mulindwa who was at the helm of Fufa for eight years told him frankly that he is not interested in any kind of administration that he holds at the moment and requested that people should avoid dragging the honorary president into football politics.

“I have no problem with the honorary president; let someone make a contribution and move away and another contribute. He gave us a good example that someone can leave a legacy.”

“He told me categorically that he is not interested in any form of administration that am holding and told me it’s my time, so I have my opportunity to do my job and these are his words. And when somebody comes out with whatever arrangements, I don’t know want they need.”

“Let us leave Mulindwa to enjoy what he achieved because if somebody left football and decided to do other business, I guess we should really support him in his endeavors instead of drawing him back to football,” he concluded.

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