It was an enthralling display from Jurgen Kuppers as a guest rider at the Garuga Racing track during the fifth round of the National Motor cross championship in the MX1 category.

Kuppers showed fans why he was German champion dominating in all three heats including giving Arthur Blick and Maxime Van Pee a head start in the last heat only to go past them.

“I believe Ugandan riders are just one step away from producing a regional champion. They need to race hard and practice hard on their tracks and also make sure they do what they love doing best with their bikes while on the track. I will not be surprised if at a future time, they produced one of the regional champions”, Kuppers told kawowo sports.

Kuppers who in the past has been in the country to help Team Uganda ahead of regional tournaments was impressed by their progress which should come as a huge boost ahead of the 2nd round leg of the FIM Central Africa Motocross championship in Kenya on the 2nd -3rd August.

“We have a big chance of shocking the Kenyans after seeing what all the riders have displayed this weekend. We will keep practicing hard and try to make sure that we race as a team when in Kenya, “echoed Arthur Blick who doubles as captain of Team Uganda.

Maxime could only come second as his teacher put on a show and very quickly conceded defeat. “He (Kuppers) is one of the best, I have learnt most of everything I know from him and need to keep learning. I am happy with my performance here but a little sad I could not even win one heat against Kuppers. ”
The race between USPA rider of 2013 Fortune Sentamu and Ben Nsumba in the 65CC category provided for some of the day’s highlights with the former coming top in all three heats while for Alistair Blick in the 85CC category, having won the first two heats, had to settle for fourth after a technical problem in the last heat saw fans pushing his bike to the finish line, only to be penalized by the regulations of the sport.


Maxime Van Pee 60pts
Arthur Blick Jr 51
Chris Prinslo 36
Talha Kiggundu 35

Esther Mwanagala 60pts
Imran Nkurunziza 52
Habibu Kiggundu 46
Isabella Blick 36

Fortune Sentamu 60 pts
Ben Nsumba 47
Vince Schrier 43
Waleed Omar 43

Ali Omar Yasser 54pts
John Schrier 43
Paddy Blick 42

125 CC
Jojo Wilson 55pts
Michael Ntayiro 47
Fatuh Kiggundu 47
Ashraf Papa 36

Esther Mwangala 60pts
Isabella Blick 49
Amina Kisitu 47
Shadia 36

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