Following media out cry about Andrew ‘Fimbo’ Mukasa’s state of health, SC Villa management has finally reacted by paying a visit to their former striker at Butabika Hospital.

Mukasa who played for the record league champions between 1998 and 2001 has been admitted at Butabika since Sunday 14, 2014 after his mental state worsened but was yet to get any attention from the club he helped win four league titles including a double in 1998 and 2000.

However, on Wednesday September 24, SC Villa management and players led by club Vice President technical and legal duties Muhammad Bazirengedde, vice president General duties Meddie Nsereko Ssebuliba and CEO Ivan Kakembo visited their ex-star at Butabika.

The club contributed Ush 1million, a mosquito net, a blanket and five boxes of water towards Mukasa’s treatment all which were handed to his mother Grace Nandaula Namujuzi.

“SC Villa is a family and Mukasa will forever be part of us,” said Nsereko on handing over the package. “This shows how far we appreciated the good things Mukasa did for us as a player. He scored lots of goals and won us titles. This is just little of what we expect to offer,” he added.

Mukasa Mother

Mukasa’s mother was delighted with the gesture from SC Villa and thanked them for remembering his son in bad times.

“What SC Villa has done gives me hope. Am glad they’ve remembered my son in bad times for the good things he did,” Nandaula; Mukasa’s mother told Kawowo Sports.

Namujuzi further revealed that Mukasa’s problems worsens when he gets to bad company in Wakaliga; their home.

“His only problem is that he gets influenced by bad company otherwise he is a good person.”

The record goal scorer in a single season looked so improved from the time he was taken to Butabika close to two weeks ago. He was mentally stable, looked healthy and could notice some players from the SC Villa squad and made his desire to return to football clear.

“I am now feeling better,” Mukasa told Kawowo Sports. “I would want to return to football but this sickness takes a lot from me. My dream is to return and play for SC Villa. I promise that when I leave here, I will come to join you at Villa Park,” Mukasa assured SC Villa coach Steven Bogere.

When asked which players he could recognize from the squad, Mukasa pointed at Musa Doka and Derrick Walulya.

“I recall Doka at URA FC while we used to meet with Walulya at ex-internationals training sessions,” he said.

Nurse Mukasa

Deborah Kibikyu, a senior nursing officer at Kireka Ward where Fimbo is being rehabilitated assured that he will be fine but called for more psychological support to him.

“He has improved a lot and we promise he will get to that point where he is fine sooner than later. Of course it’s difficult to heal mental illness perfectly but with psychological support which Mukasa needs in abundance now, he can play football again.

Mukasa’s Mental illness track Record:  

  •         Mukasa developed the career ending mental illness around 2000 while still at SC Villa but it worsened in 2003 after Express FC’s heroics in the Hedex Cup.
  •         He was taken to hospital for treatment but conditions became worse again in the 2007.
  •         The striker appeared to be back on course to playing soccer again in 2011 when he was picked up URA FC though his career really never re-kicked off as expected
  •         On Sunday 14, 2014, he was rushed to hospital after his condition deteriorated.
  • Andrew Mukasa’s Career
  •         He won 4 League titles, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 (SC Villa).
  •         He won 2 Kakungulu(Uganda)  Cups 1998, 2000 (SC Villa)
  •         League Top scorer 1999, 2000 (SC villa).
  •         Two East African Hedex Cups (SC Villa and Express Fc).
  •         Inspired Uganda’s U-23 national team into the 1999 All African Games.
  •         Holds the record for most league goals (45) in a single season.
  •         Played for Baggery FC, Puma FC, SC Villa, Express FC and URA FC

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