The Republic of South Africa and Egypt are ready to host the 2015 African Cup of Nations in case Morocco withdraws from hosting the competition.

Morocco have the rights to host the competition early next but they wrote to CAF and FIFA requesting for it to be postponed to a further date due for fear of the Ebola Virus which has hit most parts of West Africa causing over 4000 deaths. 

CAF insisted the tourney will go on as planned and FIFA is set to hold a meeting early next month to discuss the concern. 

“The FIFA acting office will hold a meeting on the second of November to discuss the concerns. It is very hard for them to accept the idea of postponing the AFCON for two months as requested by Morocco so that it does not clash with the European Championship,” Hany Abou-Rida, member of the FIFA and CAF, stated on TV as quoted by Egyptian website

“In case Morocco do withdraw from hosting the competition, there will be several other countries able to hold the tournament such as Egypt, Algeria, Ghana and South Africa.

“Egypt have an excellent base regarding pitches and hotels but the decision to host the tournament is a state-related decision which is politically involved. Egypt and South Africa have the edge due to the fact that matches can be televised on HD,” Abou-Rida continued.

“Egypt hosting the AFCON will have a huge influence on tourism and the country being back on it’s known sporting level to the continent,” Hany concluded.

Egypt, along with Algeria, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Sudan and Zimbabwe, has also submitted bids to host the 2017 edition. 

Egypt last hosted the tournament in 2006 while South Africa hosted the previous competition in 2013

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