The glittering early sun-rising rays reflecting off the flowing River Nile Waters just besides the 9 hole picturesque Golf course in Jinja reaffirm the Creators’ mighty power of creativity.

As my eyes keep glued on the scene, I watch over the sight of a flying golf ball coming in my direction.

It is action of 2014 Kakira Open in the vicinity and shortly a young boy comes running after the ball landed in the outgrown grass (the rough).

Luckily, he finds the ball comfortably sitted in the ‘rough’, and to the delight for both of us, our eyes incidentally meet.

    Uncle, the ball is here
The little boy opens up with a broad smile exposing his ‘gapped teeth’.
Deep in my heart, I confirm my script for the day has been completed in a flash and the rest as they would say is now history.

Joseph Albert is a 10 year old whose passion for golf is unexplainable.
I am helping my father to carry the bag, reading for him the line and finding the lost balls. I also want to start playing. It is my dream to play well and become a professional golfer one day
Born 10th January 2004, Albert is eager to enroll for golf as a player and get a handicap to start playing competitively.
Father applauds Caddy Son:
The father, Chris Spering, is eager to play golf with his son and quickly asserts;
        He actually has helped me a lot when am on the course and am proud of him. I will enroll him to start playing
There have been close to 160 caddies at the 2014 Kakira Golf Open.
About Golf Caddies:
They have quite a number of designated duties. Like in a servant – master relationship, Golf Caddies play a tremendous role to the prosperity of their masters.

Besides, carrying the golf kit for golfers, Caddies keep full sight of the ball so that to avoid loss of balls which can result into penalty strokes.

They guide players on how to play well. Most caddies are specialists on the course topography, wind effect and how to avoid natural and artificial obstacles.

They also clean golf clubs and the keep safe custody of the entire golf kit.
Majority of successful golfers the world over have once in a life time been caddies at one stage of their life.
Albert’s Profile:

Full Names: Joseph Albert
Parents: Chris and Jane Spering
Date of Birth: 20th January 2004
Place of Birth: International Hospital Kampala
Residence: Wanyange, Jinja
Started Caddy Duties: 6th December 2014
Best Friend: Phillip Ionce (Canadian)

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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