Adam Essa’s dream of reaching the podium this year went in vein as he experienced unavoidable damage that led to an early retirement from Mt Uluguru rally on Sunday in Morogoro, Tanzania.

Adam Essa and Joseph Bongole in their Subaru Impreza N10 were unfortunate when they hit a tree — breaking the rare suspension that eventually forced them to retire from the event. Joseph Bongole believes it was a good lecture for the duo.

It was not easy, the roads were loose, sandy that forced us to the side of the road hitting the tree that damaged the car, it was a good lecture though for the team. We were seriously pushing, had it not been the damage, we would [have] finish[ed] second or third since no one seemed a threat to us.

The clerk of the course (COC) Faheem Aloo passed his gratitude to team Uganda who had to travel from far to participate with them in Morogoro.

“I specially would like to thank the only Ugandan team of Adam for taking part in the national event, the only one to do so after so many years, I hope this will inspire other drivers to do the same.” Says Faheem.

Randeep Singh and Guvinder Singh came out victorious registering total time of 1:21:13, followed by Gerald Miller and Peter Fox with 1:23:39 and Dharam Pandya and Birdi Manmeet 1:23:45 respectively.

Mt Uluguru rally is the last event on Tanzania’s calendar with only 12 out of the 17 drivers finishing.

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