2015 Copa Coca Cola Football Championship:

Flattering Score lines:

Masaba S.S 0- 7 Risah Standard College, Lugazi

Brain Storm Kabale 1-6 Kakungulu Memorial

Masaba S.S 0 – 5 Mvara S.S

Wagwa High 5-0 Timuna

Kitara Model 1-5 Kawempe Muslim

Kibuli 4-0 Kaberamaido

Old Kampala 4-0 Buhobe S.S

Angal 4-0 Moroto S.S

A massive 136 goals had been scored in the 52 games played by the close of business on the second day in the 2015 Copa Schools tournament going on at the Duhaga Secondary School in Hoima.

The total goals give an average of at least two per game played.

65 goals were scored opening day in 26 games and 71 on day two in the same number of games.

The defence of Mbale’s Masaba S.S has shipped in 12 goals in two games after conceding 8-0 and 5-0 to Risah Standard college, Lugazi and Mvara respectively.

Goal Keepers are having a bloody nose at the Copa games in Hoima

The goal tally, according to one of the tournament organizers, Raphael Bwire is expected to increase in the remaining group stage games.

The trend is good. It is good for attacking options given Uganda requires good scorers but again, worrying for defending

He observes.

Exciting Draw Games:

Bright Light held St Julian in a 4 goal thriller played at the Duhaga 3 play ground before Tororo Town College and Sentah college played to another 2 all draw.

It remains to be seen which school will set the record of the most goals scored in a single fixture.

Individually, Joshua Ofoyuru has scored the most number of goals (4) in one game, scoring Angal S.S’ four goals in their 4-0 victory over Moroto High school on Monday.

Angal S.S skipper, Joshua Oyofuru scored 4 goals in his school’s 4-0 victory over Moroto S.S

Wednesday Games and Museveni’s Pending Visit:

The fixtures were altered a bit owing to the possibility of President Yoweri Museveni’s visit to the Kitara region in Hoima on invitation of area M.P, Henry Muganya Kajura.

Most of the fixtures (26 matches) for Wednesday have been piled up in the morning to allow easy planning.

In some of the Wednesday early morning games, Amus College plays Rock High at the newly opened Jubliee ground inside Duhaga school.

Old Kampala will take on Mpigi champions, Bulo Parents at 2 pm at the Duhaga Boys play ground meanwhile Kitende S.S who opened with a narrow 1-0 victory over Risah on Tuesday play Mvara at the Seminary grounds on Wednesday at 4 p.m.

There will be the same number of games (26) on Thursday till Sunday when the group games climax.

There will be a draw for the round of 16 teams which will be played on a knock out basis.

The national schools’ football championship remains the biggest national football institutions’ tournament in Uganda and it has been played for now 30 years, 23 of these under century bottling company, Coca Cola brand.

Wednesday Fixtures:

9:00 a.m: Kasasa Vs Moroto High, Rock High Vs Amusi, St Julian Vs Kawempe Muslim, Kigezi High Vs Welden, Angal Vs Bright Light, Kitgum High Vs Kiboga Progressive

11:00 a.m: Premier Vs Adwari, Jinja S.S Vs Royal Giants, Kabalega Vs Christ School, Bundibujo, Kitara Model Vs Kasese, Jinja College Vs Risah Standard, Nawayango Vs Lubiri, Agape Vs Kaberamaido, Duhaga Vs Kakungulu

2:00 p.m: Old Kampala Vs Bulo Parents, Risah Vs St. Andrews, Masaba S.S Vs St.Leo’s College, Kyegobe, Monsinour Vs Wagwa, Brain Storm Vs Mulusa

4:00 p.m:  Masaka S.S Vs Buhobe, Lango College Vs Ngora High, St. Joseph College, Layibi Vs Tororo Town, St Marys’ Kitende Vs Mvara, Kibuli Vs London College, Ryakasinga Che Vs Sironko Progressive


Day 1: Premier 0-1 Bulo Parents, Jinja S.S 0-1 St Andrews, Kabalega 1-2 Star S.S, Kitara Model 1-5 Kawempe Muslim, Jinja College 0-2 St Leos’ College Kyegobe, Nawanyago 0-2 Welden, Agape 2-1 Wagwa, Duhaga 0-0 Mulusa, Citizen 3-1 Buhobe, Butobere 1-0 Ngora High, Martyrs 0-0 Tororo Town,

Kasasa 2-1 Bright Light, Mbale Progressive 0-0 Mvara, Rock High 0-0 Kiboga Progressive, Timuna 0-1 London College, Arua Public 0-1 Sironko Progressive, Old Kampala 2-0 Adwari, Risah 3-1 Royal Giants, Sentah College 2-0 Christ School, Bundibujo, St Juliana 3-0 Kasese, Masaba 0-8 Risa, Lugazi, Kigezi High 3-1 Lubiri, Monsinour 0-3 Kaberamaido, Brain Storm 1-6 Kakungulu Memorial, Angal 4-0 Moroto High, Kitgum 0-3 Amus College

Day 2:

Adwari 0-3 Masaka S.S, Royal Giants 3-1 Lango College, Christ School 0-1 Layibi College, Kasese 3-1 Angal, Risa College 0-1 St Mary’s Kitende, Lubiri 3-1 Kitgum High, Kaberamaido 0-4 Kibuli, Kakungulu Memorial 0-0 Ryakasinga Che, Buhobe 0-4 Old Kampala, Ngora High 0-2 Risah, Tororo Town 2-2 Sentah, Bright Light 2-2 St Julian, Mvara 5-0 Masaba s.s, Kiboga Progressive 0-2 Kigezi High, London College 1-2 Monsinour, Sironko Progressive 1-0 Kabale Brain Storm, Bulo Parents 1-1 Citizens, St Andrews 0-1 Butobere, Stars S.S 1-2 Martyrs, Kawempe Muslim 3-0 St Charles Lwanga Kasasa, St Leo’s College Kyegobe 1-2 Mbale Progressive, Welden 0-1 Rock High, Wagwa 5-0 Timuna, Mulusa 1-1 Arua Public, Moroto High 0-2 Kitara Model, Amus College School, Bukedea 3-0 Nawanyago, Kamuli


David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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