Selected Fixtures:

Monday, 4th May 2015:

Old Kampala Vs Masaka S.S – Jubilee Ground (10 a.m)

St Juliana Vs Angal (11 a.m)-Seminary ground

St Mary’s Kitende Vs Masaba S.S – Boma (2 p.m)

Amus College Vs Welden, Mbarara ( – Duhaga

Duhaga S.S Vs Arua Public (4 p.m) – Boma ground

St Mary’s Boarding Boarding secondary school, Kitende, Kigezi High, Sentah College, Kibuli S.S, St.Juliana, Layibi college are some of the few lucky schools that have already booked their slots to the last 16 stage.

With the group stage matches for all the eight groups coming to an end on Monday, the fight for slots is far from finish.

For this reason, each of the remaining games of the same group shall be played at the same timing to avoid syndicate.

There are 28 fixtures left for the group stages to be completed.

2015 Copa Coca Cola Football Tourney Results:

Friday, 1st May 2015:

Bulo Parents 0-0 Masaka S.S,

St Andrews 0-0 Lango College,

Kawempe Muslim 2-0 Angal S.S,

St.Leos’ Kyegobe 0-1 St Mary’s College, Kitende,

Welden 4-1 Kitgum High,

Waggwa 0-2 Kibuli,

Mulusa 0-3 Ryakasinga CHE,

Star S.S 1-0 St.Joseph College, Layibi,

Tororo Town 0-3 Kabalega,

Christ School – Bundibunjo 1-1 Martyrs,

Moroto High 0-4 St Juliana,

Amus College 1-2 Kigezi High,

Buhobe 0-2 Premier S.S,

Ngora High 1-4 Jinja S.S,

Bright Light 1-1 Kitara Model,

Mvara S.S 0-0 Jinja College,

Kiboga Progressive 0-0 Nawanyago,

London College 0-0 Agape,

Sironko Progressive 1-0 Duhaga,

Adwari 1-1 Citizens,

Royal Giants 1-0 Butobere,

Kasese Muslim 1-3 St Charles Lwanga Kasasa,

Risah Standard 0-0 Mbale Progressive,

Lubiri 0-0 Rock High,

Kaberamaido 0-2 Timuna,

Kakungulu 2-0 Arua Public Saturday,

2nd May 2015:

Kasese Muslim 5-0 Moroto High,

Lubiri S.S 1-2 Amus College,

Bulo Parents 0-1 Buhobe,

St Andrews 3-0 Ngora High School,

Star S.S 1-0 Tororo Town,

Kawempe Muslim 0-0 Bright Light,

St Leos’ Kyegobe 2-1 Mvara S.S,

Welden 0-1 Kiboga Progressive,

Wagwa S.S 3-1 London College,

Mulusa Academy 2-0 Sironko Progressive,

Premier 2-1 Masaka S.S (Result nullified after Premier is disqualified for Use of an illegible player),

Jinja S.S 1-0 Lango College,

Kabalega 0-1 Layibi,

Kitara Model 4-0 Angal S.S,

Jinja College 0-2 St Mary’s College, Kitende,

Nawanyango 2-0 Kitgum High,

Agape 0-4 Kibuli,

Duhaga 0-1 Ryakasinga CHE,

Citizens 3-0 Old Kampala,

Butobere 0-2 Risah Nansana,

Uganda Martyrs-Kangulumira 0-2 Sentah College,

St Charles Lwanga Kasasa 0-1 St Juliana,

Mbale Progressive 2-2 Masaba S.S,

Rock High School 0-1 Monsinour,

Arua Public 1-4 Brain Storm,

Kabale Sunday, 3rd May 2015:

Early Morning:

Risah 0-2 Jinja S.S,

Sentah College 4-1 Kabalega,

St Juliana 6-0 Kitara Model,

Masaba 0-0 Jinja College,

Kigezi High 4-3 Nawanyango,

Monsinour Vignato 1-1 Agape,

Brain Storm – Kabale 2-3 Duhaga


Lango College 1-2 Butobere,

Layibi 2-1 Uganda Martyrs-Kangulumira,

Angal 1-5 St Charles Lwanga – Kasasa,

St Mary’s College – Kitende 2-0 Mbale Progressive,

Kitgum High 3-1 Rock High,

Kibuli S.S 2-0 Timuna,

Ryakasinga CHE 1-0 Arua Public

After Lunch (2:00 p.m):

Moroto High 0-3 Bright Light,

Amusi 1-0 Kiboga Progressive

Evening (4:00pm):

Adwari 1-4 Bulo Parents,

Royal Giants 3-1 St Andrews,

Christ School-Bundibujo 2-1 Star S.S,

Kasese Muslim 2-1 Kawempe Muslim,

Risah Standard 0-0 St Leo’s College – Kyegobe,

Lubiri 0-1 Welden,

Mbarara, Kaberamaido 0-2 Waggwa,

Kakungulu Memeorial 2-0 Mulusa Academy-Wobulenzi

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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