Buganda General Sports council (BGSC) has awarded three points and goals apiece to Kabula and Kooki Ssaza teams.

This was after discovering Mawogola and Gomba had used an illegible players contrary to the competition rules.

Rasul Alege, who once featured for Kireka united, a FUFA big league played for Mawogola.

Kabula lodged an appeal to the Buganda football committee (BFC).

In the same vein, Gomba has lost the three points and goals for fielding Kizza Medi against Singo.

The same player had also played for Kooki this very season.

Another ruling involves a player, Nasir Mbabali Nasir who has been a center of debate for Bulemezi and Buluuli.

Buluuli now owns the player after it was discovered his true license is with the Nakasongola based club.

The 18 counties that took part in this year’s event are: Busiro, Buvuma, Buluri, Ssingo, Mawokota, Gomba, Bulemeezi, Buddu, Kooki, Kyaggwe, Ssesse, Bugerere, Buweekula, Mawogola, Busujju, Butambala, Kabula and Kyadondo.

Last Weekend Results:

Kabula 2- 0 Kooki-Lyantonde
Bulemeezi 3-2 Kyaggwe-Bukalasa
Buvuma 0-0 Butambala-Magyo
Kyadondo 2-2 Mawokota-Kira
Gomba 1-1 Singo-Kabulasoke
Busujju 1-1 Buwekula-Kimuli
Bugerere 1-1 Buluuli-Bishop brown

Mawogola 0- 1 Buddu-Sembabule

Next Fixtures:

Ssese Vs Mawogola-Lutoboka


Butambala Vs Busiro-Nkokoma- Bulo

Buvuma Vs Kyadondo-Magyo

Buddu Vs Kabula-Kasana Nyendo


  • 2014 Ggomba
  • 2013-Mawokota
  • 2012-Bulemeezi
  • 2011-Buluri
  • 2010- Not Held
  • 2009- Gomba
  • 2008- Kyadondo
  • 2007- Mawokota
  • 2006- Kooki

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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