For the past 22 months, the public has been highly speculative about the audited books of accounts for the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA).

A lot has been said, done and heard as regards the financial stand of the federation, many of whom, including a former top Executive Member (Mariam Kaliga) allege millions have been swindled in the interest of individuals.

But, the 91st FUFA Ordinary General Assembly offered that long awaited platform, where the audited federation books of accounts for the past 18 (not 22 months) were presented before 58 out of the total 86 number of delegates expected in the august house.

FUFA finance director, Decolas Kizza read to the extremely attentive members and the gallery at the assembly the figures curtailing the income in-flow and expenses in all the activities undertaken.

Taking up to the floor, Kizza stated in his opening remarks;

I am here to present the audited books of accounts for FUFA in the last 18 months

FUFA generated Ugx 4,510,088,293 from CAF, FIFA and Government grants, of which Ugx 1,905,013,698 was the local opening income.

It was also learnt FUFA spent at least Ugx 596,058,025 on youth football, women football, technical development, refereeing, medical, Futsal and beach soccer, planning and administration and on infrastructure.

In the same vein, a representative from KAL associates, the official auditor for the books of FUFA, a one Kayondo used  the platform to warn the suspended FUFA member (Mariam Kaliga) about the statements of defamation she uttered intend to soil the image of the company before he was restrained by the FUFA president.

Meanwhile, Kizza released the projected budget for the coming year.

At least Ugx 9,520,852,000 is the estimated expenditure in the year 2016 with Ugx 9,542,400,000 the estimated incomes.

The incomes were generated from  Government, CAF and FIFA grants, FIFA member Association grants, FIFA financial Assistance programme, FIFA Live your goals, FIFA Women football support and FIFA refereeing programme grant

No delegate filed in time to discuss about the presented budget and audited financial report.

Vipers Sports Club chairperson, Thadius Kitandwe’s efforts to make a presentation about the presented audited report hit a dead end because he was ruled out of order since he had not notified the assembly through the CEO, Edgar Watson two months ago.

In the estimated budget for the up-coming year, referee’s match allowances have been increased from Ugx 70,000 to Ugx 120,000.

Perhaps, the referees have outstanding arrears that date as far back as the last three years as highlighted by one delegate, Ayub Khalifa.

Khalifa pondered;

How can you say you have added on the amount to be earned by referees yet they still demand a lot of money

The assembly also heard the FUFA president’s activity report highlighting the activities the federation has undertaken for the past one year.

The state of suspended executive member, Mariam Kaliga remains until the sitting of the next general assembly.

Meanwhile, FUFA bid farewell to the former legal committee chairperson, Alex Luganda, who resigned his position citing a busy work schedule.

Break Down of 18 months Expenses (Figures in Ug.shs):

Youth Football: 189,680,000

Women Football: 119,930,000

Technical Development: 15,000,000

Refereeing: 29,968,000

Medical: 30,084,800

Futsal and Beach soccer: 30,020,000

Planning and Administration: 79,014,635

Infrastructure: 102,360,890

Sub Total: 596,058,025

Guinea, Ghana away and Togo Home games: 150,000,000

Mauritania and Rwanda U-17: 344,430,000

Togo away: 350,000,000

Total: 4,510,088,293

Incomes (Figures in Ug.shs)

CAF Grants: 763,060,375

FIFA Grants: 997,584,220

Government Grants: 844,430,000

Local Operating Income: 1,905,013,698

Total Income: 4,510,088,293

Total Estimated Expenses for 2016: 9,520,852,000

Total Estimated Incomes for 2016: 9,542,400,000

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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