It is normal for a rider to fall off their bike during a race, but it calls for determination to get back and proceed with the race.

The weekend’s sixth round of the Motocross Championship put to the limits the endurance of the competitors.

The falls were at almost every corner at the Garuga Track, something very uncommon at this particular track. The conditions though on the track were pitch perfect.

MX85 leader Fortune Sentamu was the first victim to suffer a severe fall in Heat One that left him not only bruised but wounded. He was helped back on the bike by marshals. He managed to finish the race.

The pain though was after that the run as he couldn’t support himself to stand thereafter. Like a wounded lion, he returned more aggressive in heat two and managed to take fourth position overall.

I never wanted to fall out of the competition, i was able to come back after an injection that reduced on the pain.

But it was National Champion Maxime Van Pee who took the biggest hit.

Van Pee had his first fall in Heat One after he landed badly from a jump. That was just the first of his falls. He took another knock in the same heat. It’s his bike that came off the worst with broken handlebars.

Van Pee’s bike after breaking the handlebars (Photo Credits: Lawrence Mwambazi)

Like the English adage goes, It doesn’t matter how many times you fall but the times you pick yourself up. Van Pee was true to the saying. The 22year old endured the pain and came back for Heat Two with another bike to win the race.

He had a good start in Heat Three, unfortunately he could not finish after falling the third time.

If there were more heats, one would not be surprised when Van Pee came back basing on the endurance he exhibited in Heat Two.

In the same heat (three), Arthur Blick’s attempts to stop his bike due to high speed failed, he landed on Van Pee and had his bike hardly land on his back. He groaned for seconds and was back on the track.

Oh that was a bad scene, i still have the back pain. unfortunately I couldn’t avoid Maxime since I was from a jump.

Ali Omar Yasser lasted for the first two heats before he crushed in the last. The arm injury could not stop him from chasing his opponent.

Aviv Orland could not escape the bandwagon. He had to fall off his bike on the last jump to the finish.

Talha Kiggundu’s turn came, his fall was so bad to the extent of making him momentarily go bananas.

Arthur Blick Jnr told Kawowo Sports what drives their endurance;

Its the spirit of the sport, quitting as never been part of it. However bad the fall could be, you just find yourself collecting the pieces and back in the race.

When one gives up because of a just a fall, he is not considered a true sportsman.

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