After losing the Enduro Championship, Maxime Van Pee is determined to edge rival Arthur Blick’s chances of winning the MX1 Championship during the seventh round of Motocross season on Sunday, November 15 at Busiika.

Speaking at the event launch, Van Pee said he will not give any space to Blick on Sunday.

Arthur has already won two championships this year and i think those are enough for him. So i need to win this championship and i want to start by beating him in the Sunday’s race.

The 22-year old had his championship lead trimmed to 10points a head of Blick during the MX6.

Van Pee is optimistic of a return to form.

My strategy is to get a good start in each race, it could rain that day and a good start is the only strategy to avoid mud during the race.

Van Pee is well known of giving a head start to fellow competitors during races.

However, he confesses he wont be showboating this time round.

No, i wont give the head-start this time, it almost cost me a championship in Garuga. I will try and avoid any mistake this time, may be i can do it in the last race.

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