After attaining success in 2005 when  taxes were waived off the rally cars, the Federation of Motorsport Uganda (FMU) has embarked on an initiative to have taxes exempted on motocross bikes as well.

Led by the Vice president Dusman Okee, FMU presented their views to the Speaker of the East African parliament Hon. Dan Kidega to capacitate their request to the East African Community Customs management.

“We would like to appeal to the customs to exempt taxes from the all MX gears the same way it is on rallying material,” says Okee.

“The sport is so expensive and the government has not done enough to support us.

“These motorcycles are used nowhere else beside on the track during the race,” he added.

Kidega admitted how the government has not done enough for motorsport.

“Its so visible government has not done enough for sports generally and its worse if its come down to motorsport but there is still good will in governments,” he said.

“I think it is the prioritisation based on the resources available to the government, thats why creativity is needed in lobbying for funds,” he asserted.

He committed himself to support their appeal further.

“I request you to write a petition addressing all aspects of motorsport and i will represent it to the assembly,” he said.

“If all goes well the issue will be addressed in five months,” he added.

Uganda has over 100 MX riders and the number keeps growing each year 

The meeting was attended by the FMU vice president Dusman Okee, Deputy vice president motorcycling Joseph Mwangala, UOC president William Blick, Ten-times MX champion Arthur Blick Jnr, Rider parents Ali Omar, Ismail Balinda and Leila Mayanja.

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