Following their sublime performance last year, the Orland brothers are tipped to come top in the 2016 Motocross season in their respective classes.

Aviv, Stav and Alon Orland elevated the competition in the 85cc and 50cc categories.

The brothers had their presence felt in every race they took part in occupying the top positions in their respective classes.

Aviv and Stav positioned themselves as the only threat to the 2015 MX85 champion Fortune Sentamu.

Their participation not only provided thrilling action but also left Sentamu’s fans in fear of their rider’s dominance.

orland brothers resting

The Orland Brothers: Aviv, Alon and Stav

However, this year Aviv will compete for the 85cc title while Stav will switch to 65cc.

The Orlands are also considered 2016 title hopefuls basing on the intensive preparations for the season.

The siblings took part in Kenya’s MX season opener engaging Kenya’s finest.

With a well-equipped service crew in addition, the Orland brothers are indeed the riders to look out for this season.

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