The two-time Tanzania National Rally co-driver champion Sanjeev Pandya has made a decision to retire from rallying.

Sanjeev navigated Dharam Pandya to his second TNRC title last year.

He claimed his first national co-driver’s crown in 2012.

The 49-year old now says he has achieved it all and its high time he moved on.

“There is nothing more than winning the championship in Tanzania and not many walk away as champions,” he said.

“I go away with my head held up high and with lots of pride. I need to concentrate on other priorities and rallying was not giving me enough time,” he asserted.

However, Pandya guarantees to be part of the sport even after his retirement

“I will definitely keep around. I love to part my experience and expertise to up coming youngsters and also to the fraternity when required,” he said.

Sanjeev has navigated Kirit Pandya Anwar Pandya of Kenya and Dharam Pandya in his eleven years of navigation.

Dharam Pandya shared with kawowo sports about his navigators retirement.

“I have been used to him and fully trust in his work, the fact that his retiring will take me sometime to build the trust again with a new navigator,” he said.

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