After their Enduro experience last year, Kenya’s Nicholas Dames and South Africa’s Craig Lentz are taking the endurance sport a level higher.

The duo volunteered to renovate the Enduro routes at Nsimbe estate to better routes.

“I love the fact that everyone is passionate about the sport and they made efforts to maintain it although were lacking a few things,” says Dames.

“The Enduro course was so easy and seemed short to determine the riders’ worth. So Craig and I decided to spend some time here and change the course,” he added.

The routes were made more technical and challenging for the rider with a lot of complex hazards like swampy routes and rocky stages.

“It was not so easy but we are glad everyone liked it, even those who couldn’t manage some hard routes were sorted with options of easier routes which come with a penalty,” says Dames.

Dames not only designed the routes but also took part in the Sunday’s event finishing second behind Maxime Van Pee.

“I am here to have fun, and I really enjoyed myself and I will continue racing as long as am in Uganda,” he said.

Meanwhile, Craig Lentz hopes that their work will develop the sport beyond Uganda.

“We decided to make the track reach better standards with the aim of encouraging other countries to join Uganda.”

“With good routes we can invite Kenyans to race here and that will gradually ensure the development of the sport in the country,” he added.

Maxime Van Pee was pleased with the new routes. The 23-year-old was overall winner.

“As a team we really thank Nicholas and Craig for the new routes, they are now very technical which define a true Enduro challenge and we are looking to more innovations from them,”he said.

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