The first round of 2016 FIM Africa Central Africa Motocross Championship (FIM CAC) heads to Uganda this weekend on 30th April – 1st May at the Garuga racing track.

Kenya is to field a team of fifteen riders including two females to start the campaign  towards defending their regional title.

“This will be a real battle and we anticipate some good humoured banter between the two countries,” says Samson Ateka the KMSF media liaison.

“A tussle between two countries is something riders have savoured time to time again. With the absence of Shivam Vinayak and Apollo, Maxime will enjoyed a filed day,” he added.

Kenya won the 2015 FIM Africa CAC title at home beating Uganda by 651points.

Kenyan riders will face the renovated Garuga track that has been made more technical by former German champion Jurgen kuppers.

Kenyan Team

1. Christian Chege             MX85
2. Zenni Glen                         85
3. Dekker Kihara                    85
4. Rolf Kihara                        125
5. Nandi Kiplagat(female)       65
6. Kigen Kiplagat                    85
7. James Luusa                      85
8. Orobia Malungu                  125
9. Ethan Nyachae                    85
10. Mali Nyachae(female)         65
11. Jet Takkunen                     65
12. Jaiden Takkunen              50
13. Ngugi Waweru                MX2
14. Tai Wahome
15. Neo Wahome

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