Jas Mangat During the Super Special Stage of Kabalega Rally Credit: © Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDDE
[/media-credit] Jas Mangat During the Super Special Stage of Kabalega Rally Credit: © Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDDE

An action packed race is much anticipated this weekend before the curtains fall on the 2016 National Rally Championship.

The NRC finale comes with Mosac Rally that runs from 19-20th November in Jinja.

Jas Mangat will be chasing nothing less than 100 points that will ensure his third NRC title.

With everyone having their own anticipations of the finale, Kawowo Sports caught up with some drivers who shared their own insights ahead the weekend’s event.

Reigning NRC champion Arthur Blick Jnr only sees a hard earned victory for Mangat who will have to face some tight competition to his victory.

[/media-credit] Arthur Blick Credit: © Kawowo Sports | AISHA NAKATO

“For sure Mangat is a good driver; the fastest we have. But he has to win this rally which will automatically add pressure to his race.

“But the fact that Sebuguzi has nothing to lose in Jinja, you expect him to give it 100 percent thus calling for a battle with Mangat,” says Blick.

According to Omar Mayanja, Mangat has to do more of what he did this year to go around the weekend’s battle.

“Mangat has no choice but to win this rally in order to take the championship. He has won every rally he has completed this year and thats a good sign. However, Sebuguzi’s form has not been bad and could deny him. He has to drive a perfect race on a perfect day,” he said.

To Christakis Fitidis, Mosac rally is a very small battle for Mangat considering his experience and pace.

[media-credit name=”© Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDE” align=”alignnone” width=”900″][/media-credit]

“The fact is, Jas Mangat is the fastest driver Uganda has currently. He has seen many competitions which are more tense than Jinja. So I do not think there is anything stopping him if the car behaves,” says Fitidis.

Aaron Nsamba, a co-driver looks forward to a normal race.

“I will let the best man to win. Everyone needs to take their chances. Alwi took his so we wait for Jas to take his since it’s his last event. But in this rally we shall see the usual, no match for Jas,” he said.

While others still debate on the likely battle in Jinja, Andrew Desh Kananura and Anthony Mugambwa have already staked their hopes on a Mangat win.

[/media-credit] Desh Kananura Credit: © Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDE

“Jas is the 2016 champion he needs to keep his head cool and let the others be,” says Kananura.

“Jas is already a champion basing on everything. From preparation, resources and skills. The only limiting factor between him and the championship is the car. Remember this is a machine anything can happen,” explains Mugambwa.

Two wheel driver Edie Mukiibi sees no battle for Mangat but rather the battle for the third place between Blick and Sebuguzi.

“Mangat will have the normal comfortable drive and he will not have any pressure. It will be business as usual for him. He has equally been lucky with consistent top results and I feel he will uphold that.”

“There is also a tricky third position fight between Sebuguzi and Arthur. Still these are very experienced drivers who spend most of their workshop time on their rally cars and are both technically good mechanics. So it will be another battle,” says Mukiibi.

With all the above insights, we can only wait and see how it puns out in Jinja. But we can be sure by Sunday afternoon will have a new NRC champion.

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