Mbarara SS players celebrate a goal at the 2018 Copa championship. They face Adwari on Friday morning Credit: © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

2018 Copa Coca Cola Match Day 5 (Friday, 11th May) Fixtures:

9:00 AM:

  • Mbarara High Vs Adwari
  • St Peter’s High Vs Kamuge High
  • St Josephine Bakhita Vs Panyango High
  • Kamwenge Vs St Joseph Buyaga
  • Jinja S.S Vs Green Valley
  • Bishop Negri Vs Lubiri S.S
  • Welden Vs Masaka SS
[/media-credit] Mbarara SS players celebrate a goal at the 2018 Copa championship. They face Adwari on Friday morning Credit: © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

As match day five games at the 2018 Copa Coca cola championship kick off on Friday, it is obvious that most schools are now certain of their chances about making the knock out stages or not.

Coming to match day 5, majority of the schools have played at least three games and others four.

Holders Jinja S.S recovered from a dismissal start on match day two with a 3-0 win against Lubiri on Thursday during a group B duel.
Abbey Bogere’s side face off with Green Valley on Friday morning.

In the same group as Jinja S.S are two other formidable sides; Welden High School, Mbarara and Masaka S.S who face off on Friday in explosive battle.

Hosts Mbarara High take on Adwari in a group A engagement with an objective of seeking maximum points as pile pressure on leaders, Blessed Sacrament Kimanya.

Also on Friday, Group F leaders St Mary’s Kitende faces off with bottom placed St Edwards’ Bukumi.

Maximum points for Kitende will help them seal a round of 16 slot with two group stage matches left.

“We need maximum points from the remaining games to ensure we top the group” Richard Wasswa, head coach at St Mary’s Kitende disclosed to Kawowo Sports.

[/media-credit] West Nile representatives, Paidha High School group photo. They are in group H alongside Kigezi High, Namagabi, Standard High Zana, Agape, St Joseph Vocational and Biyaya Credit: © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

Group D remains tight with Buddo, Ryakasinga, Kibuli and Nakaseke International all on 6 points.

Buddo plays Amuria High school, Nakaseke International takes on Iganga Town View and Kibuli S.S will play Ryakasinga CHE.
Sebei College, Buyaga, Panyango, Ijumo, Maluku, St Mary’s Simbya, St Edwards’ Bukumi and St Joseph S.S had not won any game after the opening three games and are sure candidates among the first schools to pack their bags back home on Tuesday morning.

The last group stage matches will be played on Tuesday.

Other fixtures on Friday, 11th May 2018

11 AM:

  • Maluku S.S Vs Rock High
  • Royal Giant Vs St Julian, Gayaza
  • Kitara Model Vs St Paul
  • Kisozi Seed Vs Kakungulu Memorial
  • Light S.S Vs Kashenyi S.S
  • Lira Town College Vs Ijumo Progressive

2:00 PM:

  • Amuria High Vs Buddo S.S
  • Kibuli S.S Vs Ryakasinga CHE
  • Nakaseke International Vs Iganga Town View
  • Kawempe Muslim Vs St Gerald’s Nyakib
  • ale
  • St Mary’s Kitende Vs St Edwards’s Bukumi
  • Hill View College Vs Mentor S.S

4:00 PM:

  • London College, Nansana Vs High Standard Kateera
  • St Mary’s College, Simbya Vs St Joseph’s College, Layibi
  • Old Kampala Vs Hands of Grace, Mukono
  • Kigezi High School Vs Agape S.S
  • St Joseph Vocational, Mbarara Vs Namagabi S.S
  • Standard High School, Zana Vs Biyaya

All results so far:

  • Sebei College 0-15 Buddo S.S
  • Ryakasinga CHE 4-0 Amuria High School
  • Kibuli S.S 1-2 Nakaseke International
  • Hope S.S 0-0 St Gerald’s Nyakibale
  • St Edwards’ Bukumi 2-3 Hill View College, Bulangira
  • Serere 0-3 High Standard Kateera
  • Sironko Progressive 0-3 Hands of Grace
  • St Mary’s College, Simbya 1-3 Old Kampala
  • Namagabi SS 0-2 Kigezi College
  • St Joseph Vocational 2-3 Standard High Zana
  • Blessed Sacrament Kimaanya 5-0 Adwari
  • Kamuge 0-1 Mbarara High
  • St Peter’s High School S 1-1 St Josephine Bakhita
  • Kamwenge 1-0 Green Valley
  • Lubiri S.S 0-3 Jinja SS
  • St Joseph’s SS Buyaga 0-5 Masaka SS
  • Bishop Angelo Negri 2-2 Welden
  • Saviour HS 1-1 Rock High Tororo
  • St Julian 2-0 Maluku
  • Royal Giants 5-2 Kitara Model
  • JIPRA 1-0 Kakungulu Memorial
  • Kashenyi 1-2 Kisozi seed
  • Light SS Soroti 4-1 Lira Town College
  • Ryakasinga CHE 0-5 Buddo S.S
  • St Mary’s Kitende 2-1 Mentor S.S
  • Hands of Grace 7-1 St Mary’s College, Simbya
  • London College, Nansana 1-0 Serere S.S
  • High Standard Kateera 1-0 St Joseph’s College, Layibi
  • Sironko Progressive 1-2 Old Kampala S.S
  • Biyaya 0-0 St Joseph Vocational, Mbarara
  • Agape S.S 1-0 Namagabi
  • Iganga Town View 0-4 Kibuli S.S
  • Kawempe Muslim S.S 1-2 Hope
  • Rock High 0-5 St Julian, Gayaza
  • Ijumo Progressive 1-4 Light Secondary School, Soroti
  • Green Valley 4-1 Lubiri S.S
  • Mbarara High School 0-2 Blessed Sacrament Kimanya
  • St Joseph’s Buyaga 1-2 Welden High School, Mbarara
  • Masaka S.S 1-0 Bishop Negri S.S
  • Jinja S.S 0-0 Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational
  • St Paul 2-1 Royal Giant
  • Maluku 0-2 Saviour High
  • Kisozi Seed 0-2 Jinja Progressive Academy
  • Panyango High 2-4 St Peter’s High
  • Adwari 1-1 Kamuge
  • Kamuge High School 0-5 Panyango High School
  • Blessed Sacrament, Kimanya 1-0 St Josephine Bakhita
  • Mbarara High School 4-0 St Peter’s High School
  • Lubiri S.S 0-1 Masaka SS
  • Kamwenge Sec & Vocational 0-3 Welden High School
  • Jinja S.S 7-1 Bishop Ngeri
  • Green Valley 2-0 St Joseph Buyaga
  • St Julian 1-0 St Paul
  • Saviour High School 2-0 Kitara Model
  • Maluku S.S 1-3 Royal Giants
  • Kashenyi 2-0 Ijump Progressive
  • Jinja Progressive 1-0 Lira Town College
  • Kisozi Seed School 0-1 Light S.S
  • Ryakasinga CHE 2-1 Iganga Town View
  • Sebei College 0-5 Nakaseke International
  • Amuria High School 0-5 Kibuli S.S
  • St Edwards Bukumi 1-3 Mentor S.S
  • Hope S.S 1-3 Hill View
  • Kawempe Muslim 1-1 St Mary’s Kitende
  • St Joseph College, Layibi 0-1 Hands of Grace
  • Serere S.S 0-4 Old Kampala S.S
  • London College 4-0 St Mary’s College, Simbya
  • High Standard, Kateera 1-3 Sironko Progressive
  • Namagabi S.S 1-0 Biyaya SS
  • Paidha High School 1-1 Standard High School, Zana
  • Kigezi High School 3-0 St Joseph Vocational
  • Royal Giants 1-0 Saviour High
  • Kitara Model 3-2 Rock High
  • St Paul 2-1 Maluku
  • Light S.S 0-0 Jinja Progressive Academy
  • Lira Town College 1-1 Kakungulu Memorial
  • Ijumo Progressive 2-5 Kisozi Seed
  • Green Valley 2-0 St Josephs’ Buyaga
  • Panyango 0-3 Mbarara High

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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