SC Villa Vice President (in charge of fans' mobilization) Ben Immanuel Misagga Credit: © Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDE
[/media-credit] Ben Misagga Credit: © Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDE

Ahead of the highly anticipated SC Villa Jogoo elections, incumbent Ben Immanuel Misagga has hit at Fufa President Moses Magogo for his opinion.

Magogo, a known SC Villa fan a couple of weeks ago wrote an opinion on Facebook about what he thought about the election due in August.

In his missive, Magogo revealed that the elections won’t solve the club problems but need to address the ownership conundrum.

“The Villa constitution, enacted in 2013, is to a great extent the handiwork of Eng. Moses Magogo, the Fufa president, and the election is in line with the Fufa electoral code,” said Misagga in a missive titled ‘Let’s embrace football democracy without being divergent’.

Misagga also feels Magogo was wrong to use social media to address the situation at the club before he openly attacked him for wanting polls postponed.

[/media-credit] Moses Magogo Credit: © Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDE

“He wants the polls postponed and the club be put up for shareholding which is a mandate of the club Congress not the President in me,” Misagga continues.

“It is also quite bemusing for him to think that Villa is a sinking ship which we shall never allow when me and him are still floating

For starters, whereas he can wear two hats of Fufa president and SC Villa supporter, he cannot remove the presidency and criticize the club in the capacity of a fan. It is just not practical

The flamboyant Misagga also educated the Fufa president on the channels he would have used as a Villa fan but says ‘unfortunately the Fufa president has never expressed interest to become one.”

Ordinarily, Villa fans channel grievances through the club structures or directly to the executive and if one feels unsatisfied then he/she is free to express discontent publicly at our General Assembly.

[/media-credit] Moses Magogo, FUFA President Credit: © Kawowo Sports | AISHA NAKATO

With allegations that Magogo backs one of the would be contestants in the race, Misagga doesn’t rule out conflict of interest from the president of the biggest football office in the land.

So, I found stinging social media dossier against Villa nothing short of an emotional outburst. I hoping he doesn’t have a conflict of interest in the process because anything is possible in Uganda’s unpredictable football administration where clubs sometimes get represented by non-members.

Misagga reasons that postponement of elections would mean his executive is illegal and thus create an interim leadership which maybe interest of the FA.

Firstly, any postponement would render my executive illegal after the expiry of our term and would thereby create an interim leadership whose mandate would be under Fufa.

“Then again, Villa as a community club cannot just be owned by a few individuals. The leadership has to be accountable to fans, not a handful of individuals.

It remains to be seen whether Magogo will react to the missive but as usual, we shall keep you posted.

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