Two lucky punters who won millions of shillings have commended Gals Sports Betting Mathias Ssendi and Ben Ndawula for changing their lives.

Ssendi who staked a meagre Shs. 2000 won a whopping Shs. 135 million while Ndawula won Shs. 67 million off a stake of just Shs. 1,000.

The two winners received their millions last week at the company’s offices at Unicalo House in Lugogo.

“I am very happy to have won millions of money with Gal Sports Betting and I thank them for having changed my life,” said Ndawula. “I believe this money is going to change my life and I encourage others to bet with the GSB,” he added.

For Ssendi, it was more of a dream that he has never experienced.

Personally I had never dreamt of winning big but now I am a millionaire.


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