Brian Umony recieves the water at the Aziz Damani firm in Bugolobi, Kampala © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

The Aziz Damani family in Uganda is now well known and outspoken for their close undying affiliation to Cricket, Volleyball and football.

Unquestionably, the family has built a treasured empire in the cricket circles with the Aziz Damani Cricket team who are reigning Uganda Cricket premier champions.

Add to the Aziz Damani Katooke United and Doves All Stars Football Clubs as well as the National volleyball league play-offs, the family has a great reputation towards sports development in the country with immeasurable sums of moneys in development.

Along the same wavelength, the Aziz Damani family has handed over 60 boxes of water to the Brian Umony foundation for the upcoming Slum Soca tourney, an initiative to help identify, nurture and groom grass-root football among others.

The offer is timely in the sense that the Uganda Cranes center forward is in the final stages of organizing the first ever slum soca within the impoverished confines of Kampala City in Banda, Bukoto, Naguru and Makindye with huge prospects of spreading wings to the countryside in the tomorrow times.

Brian Umony recieves one of the 60 boxes of mineral water © Kawowo Sports | AISHA NAKATO

The foundation Chief Executive Officer, Peter “Piira” Tabu is grateful of the offer and elucidates further about the slum soca tournament.

The Brian Umony Foundation is planning a organized a football tournament in the Kampala slums called Slum Soca. This is primarily to help youths from four slums to start with of Banda, Bukoto, Makindye and Naguru. Slum Soca Cup will help in nurturing new talents from the ghetto and also sensitize youths from the slums on the importance of football to their lives. We are glad that Aziz Damani has provided all the water that will be needed for this event. We are so grateful and really appreciate such a generous heart.

Brian Umony being interviewed by the media after receiving the boxes of water © Kawowo Sports | AISHA NAKATO

Brian Umony, who received the water from the Bugolobi based family’s firm expressed delight.

First and foremost, I wish to thank Aziz Damani who has given us sixty boxes of water that will be used by the teams to compete in the up-coming slum soca tournament. We decided to put up this tournament to help and nurture talents from the ghettos. We believe through sports tournaments like these we can change the lives of the youths through such competitions. We all know youths in the slums are faced with the challenge of drug addiction but I strongly believe they can be of great importance to the country through sports

Originally ear-marked to kick off this Saturday, this inaugural slum soca cup start date will wait for a week or so as management will confirm.

Close to eight teams per slum zone are expected to play in the preliminary round. Then, the top two from the four zones will qualify for the quarter finals, and eventually semi-finals then the grand finale.

Football skills as ball control, passing, dribbling, shooting, heading, positional discipline and others are developed in the slums football competitions KAWOWO SPORTS
A competitive football game during young kids slums’ match KAWOWO SPORTS
Young talented players are always identified through tournaments as Slum Soca. Brian Umony is organizing one too KAWOWO SPORTS

The slum areas despite the handicaps and challenges associated with such areas are known for producing pure sporting talents.

An excellent case study for Kampala is the Naguru sports hub where great tennis, football, basketball, boxing, athletes, rugby, badminton, chess and hockey stars in the country has been born and bred.

Umony himself is a typical ghetto testimony who ascended the ladder from Naguru Avis through KCCA via Super Sport (South Africa), Portland Timbers (United States of America), St George (Ethiopia) and Gokulam Kerala (India) to the much treasured Uganda Cranes.

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