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Dunca “Kikankane’ Mubiru has over the past years been among the national rally title contenders.

But every passing season has been a disappointing one to look back to despite spicing his pace by acquiring a number of cars to back up his title chase.

© Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDE Duncan ‘Kikankane’ Mubiru 

In a space of four years, Mubiru has employed the Subaru N14, Mitsubishi Evo X, Subaru GVB and back to a Subaru N14.

However, it has always been the same story; always close, but very far from the title.

Mechanical problems and likely loopholes in the preparation have been his main hinderance to the title. 

Last year, Mubiru came close to the title only to finish third overall. 

There is little to talk about this season.  

“This season would have been a great one for me with or without a championship. But the Subaru GVB proved a big problem to us. It was not reliable at all.”

“However much we tried to have everything required, something again came up and the next thing we were out of the rally,” said Mubiru. 

The GVB has only registered DNFs(did not finish) in the three events it featured in NRC. Its only in Kenya Safari rally were Mubiru registered a finish with a Subaru make.

Africa Rally Archives The GVB during Safari rally. The only event it finished 

Despite changing  cars, Mubiru remained loyal to the Subaru N14 that has always come to his rescue within the season.

With the Subaru N14, Mubiru registered his only finish this season securing a second podium finish in Fort Portal rally. 

© Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDE Duncan Mubiru’s N14

“My focus will now remain on the N14. We are planning to buy everything new for that car in preparations for next year. 

“I have no plans for a new car just yet. I believe the N14 will do the work very well. At least its reliable than the GVB,” he told Kawowo Sports.  

Preparation and team management; Mubiru says will need  more evaluation.

“We plan to change in our way of preparing for the events. We are going to give preparation a lot more time than before. We hope to do changes in our technical team as well. 

“The structures of the team will also change. I have been the everything on that team, but now roles will be divided,” he added. 


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