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One of Uganda’s oldest Motorsport club, Motorsport Africa Club (MOSAC) has come out to express its disappointment with the way local Motorsport is currently being managed. 

MOSAC is among the fifteen clubs that make up the federation. The club played an integral part in the formation of the Motorsport federation; FMU. 

However, the club feels the current executive is diverting from the initial objectives of the federation. 

Through its club president Frank Bayendera, MOSAC has forwarded its concerns to the FMU executive committee chaired by FMU president Dusman Okee calling for a change in the current state. 

Excerpts from the letter say in part.

“We have noticed a complete breakdown in management. No department of the federation seem to be working since the president is seen handling every department, why?

“Management committee has taken over the work of the executive committee, something totally unacceptable. We need to refer to the constitution on this issue,” reads the document. 

Also under management, the club asserts that the structures of the federation are non existent on form as well as in practice.  

“No committee or commission has submitted any report or work plan to the executive for a very longtime. 

“While its the executive to make decision in absence of the AGM, its not always the case of recent. No consistent and planned executive meeting. And incase of any, no resolution is reached.”

MOSAC further blames the federation for failure of the clubs management. 

“The clubs are not seen properly managed partly because of the federation. The powers that be at the federation do poach for manpower in disregard of the parent club.”

“Now federation issues competition license, anyone can change clubs anytime. Meaning clubs have no say,” it continued to say. 

The concerns come after a season blighted by technical misinterprations and grave safety issues. 

The FMU technical department took overthree months to interpret rules pertaining the Pearl rally scoring system that involved group S.

Currently, the federation is likley to face legal action over an accident taht left one person dead and several others injured during a competition last November.


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