John Batanudde Bashir Ansasira (M) listens attentively to a submission from a member (Photo: John Batanudde)

For the first time in the history of Uganda Cricket, there was a stalemate in the election of the new chairman of the association.

Rivals Ansasira Bashir commonly known as Badu and Paul Nsibika faced off for the second time in two years and this time round, they could not be separated.

John Batanudde Paul Nsibuka (M) listens

With an even electorate of eight votes each contestant garnered 8 votes leaving the association with a situation they cant deal with. Returning officer Patrick Kanyomozi sought the advise of the constitution which is silent on the issue.

Steven Luswata the only trustee present on the day consulted his fellow trustees Keshwalla and AK Lutaaya for guidance and it was decided that a special AGM is held in 30 days to resolve the issue.

John Batanudde UCA Trustee Steven Luswata makes a phone call to consult other trustees with returning officer Patrick Kanyomozi and CEO Martin Ondeko (Photo: John Batanudde)

The AGM which started at 2pm was not short of drama as the audited accounts for the association were rejected by the members due to some clerical errors. The board was given up to February 16 to come back to the fraternity with better and clear audited accounts.

The new elective assembly will be chosen after 30 days when a clause in inserted in the constitution to deal with a tie.

In a situation where UCA is instituted of an even number of clubs it will be interesting to know how they can deal with the tie break.


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