Jas Mangat Credit: © Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDE
Jas Mangat’s Evo X (Photo: John Batanudde) Credit: © Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDE

He may have advertently kept himself out of the title race at the end of last season but it’s a new year and a whole different focus for three time NRC winner Jas Mangat.

He spoke to Kawowo Sport about his targets for the 2019 season.

Kawowo Sports: There is no doubt that your odds on favourite as the championship starts. Do you feel you have a chance yet again this year?

Mangat: I will try again and fight for the title this year. Last season I had so many commitments that some how cost me the title. 

But this season, we shall be focused on the fulltime. we hope nothing will interrupt.

Jas Mangat (Photo: John Batanudde) Credit: © Kawowo Sports | JOHN BATANUDDE

Kawowo Sports: Mbarara has not quite been you favourite place. You won last year. Could it be a successive Mbarara win this time?

Mangat: All crews have really improved with preparations and cars. Everyone will be fighting for the best. 

But we also aim for victory not just in Mbarara but event by event.

Jas Mangat during Safari rally Credit: Africa Rally Archives

Kawowo Sports: We have heard that you acquired another car. Will this improve your charge for wins?

Mangat: Its true, I bought another car. But this one is not R4 its the usual group N car. Since I sold off my Subaru, I need to have another car for me just incase the other is down,” he explains. 

Kawowo Sports: Will the NRC be the only championship that you will be competing in?

Mangat: Not really. We shall do the events here but also our plan is to take on some international events. The African Championship is however not in  our plans. We are not sure yet about that. 

Kawowo Sports: What do you make of the current competition?

Mangat: All crews have really improved on their preparations and pace. Obviously, they are all aiming for greater performance making the competition to be more tight. 

Kawowo Sports: Any advice to someone vying for NRC title. 

Mangat: All I can tell to drivers, is to take their time and do more rallies. Most of the best drivers regularly participate in many events to improve on their performance. 

So, drivers should take their time and acquire more experience before they can eventually fight for titles.

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