American Football could still be at an infant stage in Uganda but there’s perhaps honest surprise about the great strides that the game has taken on late.

There are consorted efforts to make sure the game spreads in the country and steps to do so have been visible.

From becoming a fully incorporated federation with National Council of Sports at the start of the year, American Football in Uganda has now moved towards capacity building.

On Monday, a week-long clinic for coaches and referees officially got underway at Nob View hotel in Ntinda with the aim of adding to the numbers in the technical areas.

According to the American Football Federation of Uganda (AFFU) President, Steven George Okeng, the clinic is a starting point in making sure, the game grows.

“It is a landmark for us because this shows the commitment we have towards developing American Football in Uganda. By coaching the coaches and referees, it is a great step as far as capacity building is concerned and this will help us spread the game.”

Dr Patrick Bernard Ogwel, the acting General Secretary for the National Council of Sports who presided over the opening ceremony is optimistic the future of the game is bright and promised funding from the .

” As government, we embrace all sports which promote humanity and social development. Training is important and I’m happy that America Football Federation in Uganda have taken this route. We promise continued support to all federations or associations because sports has made Uganda proud on international scene.”

Over 40 coaches and 30 referees are taking part in training. The clinic will go on up to Friday with a practical session at Kyambogo University slated for Wednesday.

Okeng revealed that after the course, a delegation will head to Northern Uganda to spread the game, in schools.

“We have earmarked about six schools in Northern Uganda including Lango College. A team will go there to spread the game in schools. This will as well spread to the other parts of the country.”

He is convinced that by September, a formidable national team will be in place and ready to compete.

Joel Muyita

Joel Muyita is a senior staff writer at Kawowo Sports.

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