The 2019 Safari rally may have ended, but the event has left many with plenty to talk about including World Rally Championship team representatives.

M-Sport and Hyundai Motorsport teams had representives in Kenya for close scrutiny of the rally ahead of what could be a possible inclusion onto the WRC calendar next year.  

Krzysztof Stolarczyk And Pablo Marcos in Kenya.

And there was indeed praise for the three-day rally.

“We are really impressed with the rally.  The event looked really nice from the landscape which is absolutely brilliant to the organisation which is very good. We know a lot of effort was put in this rally,” said Krzysztof Stolarczyk, a co-ordinator at M-sport Ford WRC team.

“We now have all the information we need to pass to our teams. We just need to process them and wait for the decision from FIA and the promoter. But for us we are ready for safari.”

The team’s recommendations and demands are always considered before the event is given the nod.

“The promoter has to consider some of our demands. But the most important aspect here was to compare the stages and condition so we can show the engineers and drivers what they should be prepared for.

“And the fact that preparations is quite limited by FIA regulations, we needed to know what to change in advance.”

“There just a few things that will have to be confirmed like the HQ location, service park location that can affect our decision but that will take more time for the organisation to decide,” added Stolarczyk.

Pablo Marcos, a logistics specialist at Hyundai Motorsport equally expressed his contentment with the Safari.

“The stages are very demanding and it will be interesting to compare our drivers here.

“Everything was nice here and the organisers prepared very well. We got all the information to take back to the team as we wait for the decision. 

“I hope it will be positive since this event will be a new challenge for everyone and should be quite interesting,” said Marcos.

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