Henry Kalungi and crew direct the teams on what to do before the soccer sessions in Bulemeezi

Uganda Cranes player Henry Kalungi and team will return to the United States satisfied, following two more successful outreaches in less than a week.

Jacqueline Kalungi donates cooking oil to a woman in Makerere Kivulu Slums

The star alongside his wife Jacqueline Kalungi and volunteers for the Henry Kalungi Foundation distributed New Years’ packages that included cooking oil, soap, rice and sports gear among other things to families in both Makerere Kivulu slums and Bulemeezi.

Several mothers and children closed out the year 2019 with something more to have – a continuation of their giving hand that was witnessed at the party they organized to dine with the underpriviledged children at Buganda Road grounds and volleyball camp at Kibuli SS.

Henry Kalungi and crew lift goodies to give away in the slums of Makerere, Kagugube Parish

Speaking about the outreach in the slums where they treked house to house – blessing the elderly, sick and impoverished, Kalungi was thankful for the support to change people lives.

We are thankful to share the little we have with them. We brought them food supplies, and basic needs so that they could start the new year on a high. We hope to continue giving them hope, love and share to show everyone what it means to give back to the community.

In Bulemeezi, village teams were rewarded with gear like gloves, balls, jerseys, boots and socks to inspire and nurture young talent. There were a few soccer sessions that saw Kalungi offer a few tips to the youth on how to grow their careers.

Henry and Jacqueline Kalungi donate food supplies to a woman in Makerere Kivulu slums

The foundation also held a women’s conference that highlighted the importance of hygiene and proper health practises in several homesteads – also teaching them how make sanitary towels.

Jacqueline Kalungi and Lydia teach women how to make sanitary towels in Bulemeezi

Jacqueline was pleased with success of the women’s conference as the foundation passed on knowledge and skills of improving personal hygiene and adressing issues of adolescence.

“It was such a great day. We were able to host a women’s conference in the village of Bulemeezi. There is a school that has been here for a while and we had some families gather there. We discussed women’s health. The vision was to bring women together, let them know their worth, that they are powerful and that they matter.”

Henry Kalungi and his crew pose with some of the teams in Bulemeezi

Jacqueline and Henry went further to inspect land in the same area – on which they plan to build a school, health facility and different fields for sports activities.

It is the fourth year the foundation has done charity in Uganda in a bid to transform lives.

Two young boys face off in a soccer match in Bulemeezi organized by Henry Kalungi Foundation

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