Jimmy Akena and Dipu Ruparelia

The motorsport governing body (FMU) has made its stand concerning a possible breakaway within the federation.

A group, led by Barak Orland that created an association; Motorcycling Association of Uganda (MAU).

The same association is organising an event on February 16th at Busiika. An event not sanctioned by the FMU.

Barak Orland; the MAU chairman

The three motocross club presidents were joined by the FMU management team to disown the faction.

“As the new management, we don’t want to go on a war path with any stakeholder.

“Our priority was to gather all stakeholders in some kind of symposium, each one shares their challenges, the wrongs and how we can better everything as a team. 

“But we feel betrayed. We have only been here for a few days. But they did not give us a chance to talk to them. We got to know about the illegal actions in the news papers,” explained the newly elected FMU President Dipu Ruparelia. 

FMU deputy vice president in charge of motorcycling, Kisitu Mayanja, Dipu Ruparelia and Jimmy Akena

The federation has also warned of reparcations on riders who will take part in the illegal event. 

“FMU is the sole motorsport body that is affiliated to national council of sports. If there is any other body that is formed, is illegal.

“Any rider that takes part in the illegal event will have a repercussion on their licenses for future events. 

“We appeal to the rider parents to keep within the federation’s rules and regulations,” added Ruparelia.

Jimmy Akena, the club president of Uganda Motocross (UMX) from which the breakaway group belongs further condemned the actions of his members. 

“As the motorcycling community, we have been seeking to have the concerns raised to be addressed within the constitution and provision of the federation.

“As a club president, I am trying to ensure that we remain a united entity to work towards the promotion of motocross within the country,” said Akena. 

Jimmy Akena at the press conference.

Meanwhile, the breakaway association (MAU) under their chairman Barak Orland has written to the State minister of sports seeking separation from the mother body FMU.

“We have written back to the members after receiving a letter addressed to the minister with the federation in the copy.

“Before the letter came, we were only reading everything in the news papers and we couldn’t respond to what was in the press.

“But now they have our stand. They need to come and we work together. We feel respect should be given to everyone in the fraternity,” added Ruparelia. 

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