Friday, 13th March 2020 served us with Rugby out of town to the west in the annual Nkozi 7s.

Many Universities were expected to attend but due to unforeseen circumstances Universities like Makerere, KIU, were unable to make it while others like Ndejje confirmed late as the circuit had already started.

MUBS 1, MUBS 2, UCU, HANA Mixed, Ndejje, and UMU were the teams that made it and played at the Nkozi 7s.

The little ones from HANA came prepared to punish and the host themselves did not survive in the opening fixture, UCU received its share in the semifinals having been beaten 19-00 at fulltime while the rest all went down the same road giving way for HANA to make it to the final meeting hosts who had no mercy on them this time round.

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