Yusuf "Of Uganda" Baliruno holds one of the food bags

A number of Buganda regional football clubs stand to directly benefit from business mogul Balaam Barugahara’s 25 tonnes donation of food.

The food was handed over by the multi-faceted businessman to the national COVID-19 task-force led by Hon. Mary Karooro Okurutu.

These 25 tonnes composed of maize flour and beans intended to help a couple of marginalized personalities in the community.

Buganda region football clubs were a cluster of groups donated to since the football families is among the groups of people no longer working and thus are not earning any money in this difficult time.

 Others include the Force, DJs, bouncers, comedians, widows, some musicians, central stores, mosques, Boda-Boda group, Kateyamba home and the children remand home among others.

Celebrated sports journalist Yusuf “Of Uganda” Baliruno, ironically working for Balaam’s owned 103.3 Radio Four FM received the food on behalf of Buganda region football association.

Yusuf “Of Uganda” Baliruno holds one of the food bags

Baliruno, a regional delegate in Buganda representing the clubs in Gomba, Mpigi and Butambala districts was elated by the donation.

I am very humbled for the donation of food by Balaam to the Buganda regional clubs. This was a timely gesture and offer to the players, all of whom have not played football in more than 7 weeks. Thank you so much Mr Balaam” Baliruno told Kawowo Sports.

Buganda Region Football Association chairman Andrew Kaweesa expressed gratitude by this offer.

“We thank Balaam for assisting us with this food donation to the regional clubs within Buganda. I call upon other willing well-wishers to join hands since we have over 700 players to handle” Kaweesa expressed.

Balaam hands over the donated food

The footballers are among the groups of sportsmen who were rendered jobless because of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic following the lock-down by the head of state, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Although Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) gave out rice to three groups of players in the Uganda Premier League (top tier), FUFA Big League (second division) and FUFA Women Elite League, a couple of players in the regional clubs in the 8 regions of FUFA and divisions below missed out.

This comes after Lugazi Municipal Football Club, a Buganda regional club got food solicited by fans and well-wishers for their players.

Each Player would get 5 kgs of Rice and Maize flour apiece as well as 4 kgs of beans.

Another regional club based in Eastern Uganda, Bugiri De School supplied food to their players and staff on Sunday.

As of Sunday, April 26, 2020, Uganda has recorded 75 Coronavirus cases, 46 recoveries and no deaths.

In the entire world, there are 2,944, 728 cases registered.

842, 487 have recovered and 203,948 people dead.

About Coronavirus:

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment.

How it Spreads:

The virus that causes COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales.

These droplets are too heavy to hang in the air, and quickly fall on floors or surfaces.

You can be infected by breathing in the virus if you are within close proximity of someone who has COVID-19, or by touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose or mouth.

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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