Joseph Mutaka is the media liaison officer of UPL club, BUL Football Club

Sports media personality Joseph “Omutaka” Mutaka, 34, has for the past decade diligently served the sporting spheres in the Busoga sub-region without fear or favour.

For a long spell of time, Mutaka has passionately served the populous as an eloquent presenter who easily juggles both radio and television chores.

As a self-made and styled individual, Mutaka virtually passed the test of time as one of the media officers for the Uganda Cranes, media liaison officer for Uganda Premier League club BUL FC and an executive director for Tangosport Uganda Limited, a diversified sports firm that handles human resource development, events management and the like.

Aggressive like most first born children, Mutaka is an off spring of Moses Wanyange and Teopista Balyogeraki (sadly both deceased), born on the 21st November in Uganda’s famous liberation year, 1986 at Nsuube village in Jinja district.

Troublesome early life:

Mutaka had a challenging childhood having lost both his parents at a tender age.

“My father died when I was four years in 1990 and the mother followed suit three years later. An uncle (Ayub Mutaka) then took over my life until I completed education. Sadly, he (uncle) also died” Mutaka bitterly recounts.

Madam Wangoola Nursery school in Nsuube provided the infantry elementary education to Mutaka before he elevated to St Mary’s Primary School – Nsuube for primary two to three classes.

Mutaka is as combative as a busy engine tractor

He was shifted to Jinja Parents Boarding and Day primary school from P4 to P7 but because of shortage of school fees, he did not write the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) examinations.

Rather, he repeated the P7 class at St Mary’s Primary School, Nsuube and smiled with a first grade.

“After Primary school, I joined Libani Senior Secondary School for S1 and S2 classes before moving to Iganga Progressive Academy for the rest of Ordinary and later Advanced levels of education” Mutaka reminces.

Between 2006 and 2009, Mutaka joined Fairland University in Jinja on a half bursary scheme because of good grade at A-Level, graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology.

Mutaka interacts with former Uganda Cranes head coach Harrison Okagubwe

Sports path:

Right from childhood, Mutaka confesses his soul soothing touch and unrivalled admiration for sports.

In primary school, he was the vice-captain of the school football team and was a long distance athlete.

He continued with football action at secondary school level, playing in the outspoken Copa Coca cola post primary championship at Libani and later at Iganga Progressive Academy before calling it quits in the university to concentrate on education.

“At Iganga Progressive Academy, we had a lot of talent with the likes of Lubega, Meddie Kagere, Sulaiman Jingo, Julius Isabirye and others. It was a super team where making the final 18 was a complete blessing” Mutaka evokes the memories.

Humble Media calling:

In the second year at Fairland University, Mutaka landed an opportunity of working with Victoria FM in Jinja and has never looked back thus far.

“When I started to work with Victoria FM, I associated with the sports desk and from this point, it is where I exactly picked interest from into being a sports journalist. The journey wasn’t so that easy like any other job but I managed to maneuver through given my strong character. At Victoria it was more of training.” Mutaka testifies.

New opening:

Towards the end of 2009, there was a Seventhday Adventist radio station started in Jinja and Mutaka shrewdly applied for a placement.

Lady luck smiled onto him as he was recruited as head of the sports department following an impressive showing.

This radio however did not last for long as it eroded after a one and some months.

Ten years at Baba Media:

Mutaka’s sports journalism journey attained a life line opportunity when he joined 87.7 Baba FM in 2010.

Joining Baba FM IN 2010 was my turning point in sports journalism. Since that time, I have never remained the same. It is one institution where I have worked for now ten years and the longest period ever at the same job.

Joseph “Omutaka” Mutaka

A year after joining BABA FM, it was a stepping stone for new life opportunities, serving BUL Football Club as the media liaison officer, first as a volunteer to full staff status in 2011 till to-date.

In 2012, he commenced work with Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) Communications department.

“Back then, the FUFA Communications team was headed by Rogers Mulindwa (now FUFA Executive Committee Member) to now Ahmed Marsha Hussein. I recall my first assignment with the Uganda Cranes was with the CHAN team and very many have followed suit” Mutaka adds.

Mutaka during a Uganda Cranes trip

The aggressive learner and servant:

Like many personalities who wish to attain knowledge and serve in their line of calling, Mutaka was no exceptional.

Indeed, the end now justifies the means.

“Of course I have learnt a lot on duty and as well as creating and getting more friends in sports particularly football with players, officials, administrators and other people” he adds.

The birth of Tangosport Uganda Limited:

Tangosport Uganda Limited is arguably documented among Uganda’s A-class sports company that has given a new lease of life to sports administrators, provided services as well as employment.

Mutaka initiated this sports company after successfully completing his first class in football administration and management, way back in 2011 at Mandela National Stadium, Namboole.

The course was organized by Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) and Pearlsporto.

“Basing on the knowledge I acquired from that course, I felt I could only share it with our region (Busoga). I realized I would perfect it with an organized sports institution and this is how I thought of Tangosport Uganda Limited” Mutaka discloses.

Mutaka then organized a workshop at Bax Conference Center, Jinja who a whooping 74 participants were registered with top brass FUFA administrators Edgar Watson (FUFA CEO), Decolas Kizza (then FUFA competitions), Samuel Mpima (CAF Instructor)all instructing.

Since those early days, Mutaka boldly attests that the rest of the detailed story script is now history as he ventured into retail sports merchandising, sports capacity building workshops, sports marketing, sports event management, sports consultancy services, athletes representation and sports tourism among others.

Future prospects:

Mutaka envisages his future life into entrepreneurship.

“In future, I will concentrate more as an entrepreneur. I am a big achiever and I grew up with this dream and I feel I must achieve it someday and I am in the right path.” He echoes.

Along with established brands as FUFA, Bidco Uganda Ltd, PAACO Events Plus, Neutral Herbal Life and other personalities, Mutaka sought for the right partners.

“I want to see Tangosport Uganda Limited as the leading sporting business company in Africa with a professional touch given the fact that one of our core values is to professionalize sports in Uganda, East Africa and Africa at large. At Tangosport Uganda Ltd, we try to do unique things by trying to change the mindset of sports lovers but you find it hard to they to adopt to changes rapidly. I want us to use technology enhancement to promote and build sports in Africa but with our headquarters based in Jinja. I want us to build the first professional sports complex in Uganda here in Busoga where all our offices will be and many more.” The big dream lives on.

Definitely, Tangosport Uganda Limited aspires to effect ETF payment, E-learning, weekend programs, managing match-day events, perfecting sports marketing and the like.


Growing up without parents since childhood negatively impacted to Mutaka’s life thus far.

He also needs to establish enough capital resources to run the Tangosport business with bold visions of spreading in the other parts of the country.

The other grey area with his career and calling has been the prolonged absence from the family members as well as the hard nut to crack people who resist change at all times.

Mutaka is proudly engaged (traditional marriage tasks done) to Ruth Namukasa with whom they have three children.

Kenan Mutaka is the oldest, aged 8 years, Keira Mutaka is 6 and the newly born Khloe Mutaka is just one month.

He confesses having been mentored by the current FUFA boss Moses Magogo and will opt for colour blue on any day with lyrics of his favorite musician Dr Jose Chameleon playing night and day.

He hates public nose pickers, loves Leeds United and BUL Football Clubs to the brim.

For now, the rain bow cast over Mutaka’s life has all the beautiful primary colours and already shining brightly.

Tit Bits About Mutaka:

Full Name: Joseph Mutaka

Nick-Name: Omutaka

Parents: Moses Wanyange and Teopista Balyogeraki (both deceased)

Date of Birth: 21st November 1986

Place of Birth: Nsuube village, Jinja district

Education: Madam Wangoola Nursery school, Nsuube, St Mary’s Primary School – Nsuube (P1-P3), Jinja Parents Boarding and Day primary school (P4-P7), St Mary’s Primary School, Nsuube (P7), Libani Senior Secondary School (S1 and S2), Iganga Progressive Academy (S3-S6), Fairland University, Jinja (Graduated with Bachelors of Science in Information Technology)

Favorite colour: Blue

Best Dish: Matooke, chicken

Best artist: Jose chameleon

Best Football Clubs supported: BUL FC (Uganda Premier League), Leeds United (European football)

Bad habit: Public nose picking

Best moments: Completing University, Getting employed at BABA FM and that dream first flight to Tanzania with Uganda Cranes team

Best friends: Ayub Mutaka (Brother) and Ruth Namukasa (wife)

Super heroine: Jamawa Nakato (Step mother who brought him up)

Mentor: Engineer Moses Magogo (FUFA President and CAF Executive Committee Member)

Best employer: Hon. Moses Grace Balyeku

Outstanding Long serving bosses: Mathias “Dr Longido” Kabera Mathias, Survarijit Ghosh (former) and Ahmed Hussein Marsha (FUFA Communications Director)

Religious Dominion: Anglican

Worst Moments: Losing both parents at a young age, Missing a return flight home from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Best book: Poor Dad, Rich Dad

Best Business entrepreneur: Jack Ma, CEO Alibaba Group

Best Sports Presenter: Mark Augustine Makumbi (RIP)

Best Sports analyst: Mark Ssali

Life milestones: Among Uganda Cranes media officers since 2013 up todate,  State minister for sports Butembe chiefdom since 2019 up to-date, Best Sports Presenter (2011) – awarded by Eastern Media Association, Head sports and best presenter on Maranatha FM Radio (2009 –  June 2010), Minister of Social Affairs – Fairland University (2008), Chairman Basoga Nsete Association – Fairland University 2007-2009

Best quotes:

Success means using money to work for you.”

Poverty can best be defined as lacking ideas that makes money. If you’re poor blame yourself not government or clan-mates.”

Financial independence means working smart not hard. Truck loaders would be the richest on earth.”

Shout out to the youth:

I encourage my fellow youths to always have a second option to the problem. To achieve success you must own an iron heart. You shouldn’t give up so easily like that however tough the situation my turn to be. Self motivation and determination in this game is key.

The famous Ani Asinga bike championship is one of the sporting events organized by Tangosport

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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