Goalkeeper Isaac"Buffon" Bewayo

Teenage goalkeeper Isaac “Buffon” Bewayo has singled out the value of her grandmother Ruth Kimone in his career.

Bewayo salutes the grandmother, whom he lives with since the whereabouts of his biological parents are unknown.

Bwayo, the best goalkeeper in the 2019 FUFA Juniors League yearns to gradually climb up the career ladder up to the national team.

Kawowo Sports: Who is Bewayo?

Bewayo:  I am Isaac Bewayo. Some people call me Buffon.  I was born at Jinja Hospital in Jinja district.

Kawowo Sports: Who are your parents?

Bewayo: Sincerely I do not know about them. I don’t know my parents but I have been with my grandparents (Joseph and Ruth Kimone) since my childhood till now.

Isaac Bewayo

Kawowo Sports: Talk about your education right from the early stages.

Bewayo: I went at Lake Site Primary School for my elementary education. I joined Kololo High School up to S.3, from where I had to move to Jinja Progressive (JIPRA) currently.

Kawowo Sports: When and where did you start playing football?

Bewayo: I started playing soccer when I was 7 years old at Masese play ground in Jinja District.

Kawowo Sports: Who inspired you as a young player?

Bewayo: I was inspired by many people. My grandmother, my coach (Boban Ameringo) and some elder players who used to play in Andy Mwesigwa Soccer Academy. These people kept pushing me to play soccer. My grandmother is a staunch Manchester united fan and she used giving me money to go and watch the Man United games most of time till now when I don’t have money to watch games. She also used to take me to Andy Mwesigwa Soccer Academy for training at Naranbhai playground. But now, she cannot manage to walk for long distance because she is too old. I was inspired by many great talented players.

Isaac Bewayo in action

Kawowo Sports: You are a young boy but what would you regard as your highest and lowest points in football so far?

Bewayo: My highest moment as a footballer is when i was called to start training with Bul Football Club senior team although I didn’t make to be on the final list to those who were promoted. My lowest moment is when I missed to make a clean sheet in my last second game to play FUFA Juniors League final.

Kawowo Sports: Footballers face tough opponents. Who are those who have given you a tough time?

Bewayo: My toughest opponent is Sadat Anaku of KCCA Football Club. Also, Isma Mugulusi (Jinja SS and Busoga United Junior Team) gives me a tough time.

Isaac Bewayo with a coach

Kawowo Sports: How do you manage to balance education with a football career and who has encouraged you since?

Bewayo: Most people in my country Uganda they say that soccer players tend to lazy in school. But, once i used to talk with my coaches they always say that players with no books can be great but with books you turn genius. I would say the people around me and my family, they always have pushed me and we had to make a deal with them no grades in school, no school, so I have always pushed myself in both.

Kawowo Sports: What has challenged you in life?

Bewayo: Since I stopped playing in the FUFA Juniors League, I have faced a challenge of not playing competitive games. I have faced a problem of decrease in my fitness level just because am not playing games, and as a person have faced a problem of not earning allowances which were beneficial to my grandparents and it makes life difficult, lack of professional training from professional coaches. However, I had that FUFA is preparing the under 20 junior league which is good advantage on my side, and i expect much in this league just because there will be more competitive games and players which will give more chances or market me to big teams, National team and getting agents because up to now, I do not have. The suggestion of organizing the under 20 will make me to work hard because my dreams is to play professional football when am young.

Isaac Bewayo is an exceptional game reader

Kawowo Sports: Disclose a meal that you cannot do without

 Bewayo: I like chicken and rice

Kawowo Sports: Your trophy cabinet at your age is promising. Take us through some of your personal milestones?

Bewayo: I have won the Watoto Wasoka Cup in Jinja (2010 and 2011), Post-Primary Schools Regional tournaments (2015 and 2016), City Tyres Chenga Challenge Team select in Rwanda (2014 and 2015), FUFA Junior league U-19 (2018 and 2019). On a personal level, I was named the best goalkeeper in the different tournaments as City Tryes Chenga Challenge in Masaka (Best goalkeeper), City Tyres Select Team (Rwanda) and the U-19 FUFA Juniors League in 2019.

 Kawowo Sports: What is your dream as a person?

 Bewayo: Playing for my country (Uganda) is a dream but right now it is not that I am focusing on, am focusing on getting better as a player.

Jinja Progressive Academy (JIPRA) team
Isaac Bewayo (left) celebrates on the podium with a teammate at BUL Juniors Team
BUL Junior Team players celebrate winning the 2019 FUFA Juniors League

Kawowo Sports: The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has plugged and turned the whole world upside down. Any lessons from the lockdown?

Bewayo: This lockdown has taught me how to appreciate and respect our normal life. It has taught me to know how much soccer is loved, taught me on how to use each and every minute of our normal life positively for a better tomorrow and not to take life for granted. Finally, the lockdown has taught me on to always be prepared for the unexpected.

Kawowo Sports: How do you envisage yourself in five year’s time?

Bewayo: In my five year’s time, I dream of playing in one of the best teams in Europe.

Isaac Bewayo holds the FUFA Juniors League Trophy

Kawowo Sports: Which players have you loved?

Bewayo: There are a number but i will mention out Giggi Buffon who now plays for Juventus in Italy

Kawowo Sports: What is would you regard as your best save?

 Bewayo: My best save was when i save a shoot from Ismail Mugulusi of Busoga United Football Club in our return game.

Kawowo Sports: Do you have any specific celebration after saving a ball?

Bewayo: I do not plan for a celebration it just comes at that moment.

Kawowo Sports: Your final message.

Bewayo: Stay safe, we are going through this soon (Coronavirus Disease Pandemic). Please keep the social distance.

BUL FC Juniors Team celebrate on the podium after winning the 2019 FUFA Juniors League

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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