Guy Botterill and Simon Vacy Lyle Credit: BMT

The 2020 Africa Rally Championship was this week cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

It may have been disheartening for championship leader Guy Botterill who had embarked on a strong charge for this year’s crown.

The South African driver had secured maximum points from the first round in Cote d’Ivoire last February.

“We wanted to do the complete championship but there is nothing we can do now. I think canceling was the only decision FIA had. Safety first.

“Our only event this year was very challenging, with our car not making it to Ivory Coast on time plus other issues but we managed to get the points,” says Botterill.

Botterill and Farid Daniel Assaf from Cote D’Ivoire were the only crews to collect ARC points from the event.

Guy Botterill’s hired car during Rallye Bandama (Courtesy photo) Credit: Courtesy Photo

However, with the season now cancelled, not all was lost for the crew. 

Points earned this year will be carried forward to 2021.

“That is a good move in our favour,” he says.

2020 Rallye Bandama ARC podium Credit: Photo Credit: BMT

As he now focuses on next season, Botterill urges FIA to extend more support to traveling crews. 

“It would be really nice if ARC could assist crews that are travelling from far. Possible help with a few things would motivate more crews.”

It’s the first time that the African Rally Championship has been cancelled since it’s inception in 1981.

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