Abbey Kikomeko

Teenage footballer Abbey “AK” Kikomeko was born in Northampton, England to two Ugandan parents.

In an exclusive interview with Kawowo Sports, Kikomeko who is comfortable as a full back (both right and left) confessed having been inspired by former Ivory Coast captain, who also played at Chelsea, Dider Drogba.

Kikomeko revealed that he embarked on his career as a center forward before converting to the full back positions.

He also shared his thoughts on life and football in the United Kingdom vis-à-vis Uganda and how he harbours a big dream of playing for the Uganda Cranes in the tomorrow-years.

Kawowo Sports: Who are you?

Kikomeko: I am Abbey Kikomeko. My nickname is AK. I was born on 19th May 2004 in Northampton, England and both my parents are Ugandan. My father is Hassan Kikomeko and mother Leah Nalubwama.

Kawowo Sports: Which positions do you play on the field of play?

Kikomeko: I am a full back player (left and right positions).

Kawowo Sports: Who inspired you to play football?

Kikomeko: At first when I began as a striker and Didier Drogba inspired me to play and I loved the way he played as my family supported Chelsea. But now as I have moved to right back on the pitch ‘Alphonso Davies’ inspires me to play football because of his determination and speed which I can.

Kawowo Sports: Which clubs have you played for?

Kikomeko: I have turned out for Hege End (Southampton), Oakwood in Crawley and Eastleigh (Hampshire) Football Clubs. Currently, I play for Follands Sport Football Club.

Kawowo Sports: How far how you reached with your education?

Kikomeko: I am in full time education alongside playing football. I have just finished secondary school and awaiting GCSE Examination results to go to college

Kawowo Sports: What are the best moments you recall?

Kikomeko: My best match memories are when I won the league trophy with Oakwood twice in a row and also going to Holland for a football tournament with academies all across Europe attending, and playing teams year above and coming 4th out of 10 teams

Kawowo Sports: What was your toughest game?

Kikomeko: This was when my team travelled to Holland and played ‘Vlaardigen’ Academy where we played players quicker and stronger than us and tactically better back in 2018.

Abbey Kikomeko during a fun training session

Kawowo Sports: Which is your best dish?

Kikomeko: Since both my parents are from Uganda I always have loved Ugandan food. I love Matooke (plantain) and rice with stew and vegetables as a side dish.

Kawowo Sports: In a nutshell, what you would talk about football and life in the United Kingdom vis-à-vis Uganda?

Kikomeko: Life In the UK is based around time, due to the fact that every year in the UK means something. You have to accomplish something in a year. Also, there is no time to waste as we are provided with many opportunities which many people may not get around the world so you have to work hard to appreciate the blessing you have been given . Football in the UK is tough we are it’s the most popular sport you have to be tactically good and very hardworking and also on time because they do not have time to waste on people that are no dedicated to football. Football in Ugandan is based on how hard you work. This is why when players from Uganda come to the UK they have an advantage because they are more hungry and twice as hard-working than the people here also football in Uganda is played much quicker so you have to be aware at all times and no time to lose.

Kawowo Sports: Where do you see yourself in 3 years’ time?

Kikomeko: In 3 years’ time, I see myself playing for the Ugandan national team and also playing for a professional football club in England

Kawowo Sports: Thanks for the time accorded.

Kikomeko: It is a pleasure

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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