Michael Wokorach Credit: Edgar Hamala

Many athletes world over are never sure of the path they want to take when their playing careers are done.

For those who are not accommodated by the sport as coaches or pundits and broadcasters when their careers are done, you may never hear of then again.

However, for Michael Wokorach, the mind is made up on what he want to do when he hangs up his playing boots.

“Of course I have been thinking about my life after I’m done playing. I looked at going into strength and conditioning,” the Heathens captain told Kawowo Sports in a recent interview.

“I realized that’s the area we lack most as a country and as a union definitely. Over the years we have seen the union trying to get strength and conditioning coaches who have been doing a good job and we have been paying some good money for them to come here.

“We need to have people who can do strength and conditioning right here in the country so I looked in that direction because strength and conditioning is lacking.

“It’s a point I can enter, get training, and maybe in the future, we won’t need to import coaches from SA and Kenya and maybe we can have our homegrown coaches as we become better.”

Wokorach retired from the national 15s team last year but says he will still feature for the national sevens side and club, Heathens, for a couple more years before he put an end to his playing career.

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Franklin Kaweru is the Editor in Chief of Kawowo Sports. He is an ardent basketball enthusiast.

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