Maxime Van Pee

It is close to more than three months since all Motorsport activities were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

For many sportsmen, it was a time of missed competitions but not for motocross champion Maxime Van Pee.

Maxime van Pee during training over the weekend Credit: Courtesy Photo

It’s been a time of recuperation for the 26-year-old

Van Pee injured a ligament during a fans’ event in Busiika. That sidelined him for months. 

“On my first race in Busiika I fell quite badly and yet I was just recently operated. I strained the ligament and it was so painful.

“So during the break, have been working on my recovery with some exercises and focused more on work and personal projects,” says Van Pee.

The journey to full recovery has been good he says. Van Pee was back on the track this month.

“When I trained on Sunday, it was a good feeling and it proved why I love the sport. It was a good day for me to see that my body could still handle. 

“I was really happy, the feeling on the bike was amazing and I cannot wait to get back in shape for competition. I am now preparing and getting ready for resumption,” he asserted.

Maxime van Pee during training Credit: Courtesy Photo

Van Pee, however, showed worry for his fellow competitors who could have been affected by the pandemic.

“I personally took a step back from the sport. But as a captain, I kept in touch with several riders. We used to communicate.

“It has been a bit tough for some riders since the majority are young and were forced to take on a new schedule without racing. This will somehow impact on their performance.

“Luckily, some kids have started training in Garuga and Busiika. This really shows how they are committed to the sport

“Their level of competition will of course not be the same on return but they will gradually catch up,” he says.

Maxime van Pee during training Credit: Courtesy Photo

Only one event had been held for this year’s motocross championship.

Given the situation at hand, with restrictions on public gatherings in the country, there are fewer chances that the championship will continue this year.

Uganda was also to host the Africa motocross championship later in August. The event was postponed to 2021.

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