Ambrose Tashobya Credit: FIBA

Since 2012, Warriors have not made the championship round of the National Basketball League. You wouldn’t be entirely wrong to claim the team has been regressing despite finishing third on a couple of occasions.

For club president Ambrose Tashobya, winning titles is not an issue at the moment.

“If you have won the league, then what? Is it a contest of accumulation of trophies or making an impact on the game?

“What we want is to do impactful projects as a club for the game of basketball. We have always wanted to do academies and stadia. Those projects are being taken seriously and we are looking for partnerships to support them,” Tashobya told Kawowo Sports.

The honourary FUBA President is however confident Warriors will return to the top in the near future.

“Frankly, we will get back to the top and we will work very hard towards being competitive. I know some teams are working towards the same with JKL leading the way and that’s good and healthy for basketball

“I want to be in a league that has 10-12 competitive and strong clubs that can bring in resources to support the teams and that the show we are putting up is able to support us and the dreams we have.

“I’m happy there are strong clubs coming up and I hope that we can strengthen ourselves as management to a level that clubs and the product of basketball should be at a good level to attract partners and sponsorships that are able to sustain everybody.”

Franklin Kaweru is the Editor in Chief of Kawowo Sports. He is an ardent basketball enthusiast.

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