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FUFA has introduced new guidelines for coaches that will manage teams in the Uganda Premier League and the Big League starting next season.

While addressing the coaches in a consultative meeting, FUFA President Moses Magogo revealed that new regulations will be put in place in a bid to make the domestic competitions professional.

‘Football is a dynamic entity. Things are changing almost every hour. So if we want to improve and attain professionalism, coaches must as well embrace change and learn the new tactics that will help you suit in the modern trends.’ He said as quoted by the FUFA Website.

One of the new regulations set is that every coach in the first and second division will be required to have a Pro-License. This will be issued by FUFA and will come with limits and sanctions.

‘As we seek everyone to become professional, even coaches must do so. This business of a coach managing a team in the Uganda Premier League or FUFA Big League and then add other teams like University or Masaza teams must stop. You can only have one address because this will allow you time to plan for the team.’

FUFA has introduced a limit on movement of coaches in a season from one club to another. A coach can only be employed by two teams in a season.

‘There has been nomadism of coaches. You find that in just one season, a coach has managed about four teams. We are saying, this is not proper. We are also talking to clubs to embrace this.’

Another regulation put in place for coaches is that starting next season, each coach will be required to have an intermidiary who will negotiate contracts on his/her behalf.

‘The culture of coaches negotiating contracts must stop. In the professional world, coaches just like players must have agents who understand contracts and can discuss on their behalf. Whenever you discuss terms of work directly with the club owner, he will start looking at you as a desperate person.’

Just like players both in the first and second division, coaches will also be subjected to paying Income tax (Pay As You Earn) and NSSF.

The President called upon coaches to embrace self development and also announced a new fund that FUFA will put in place to help coaches.

‘Learning never stops and this is very important for coaches. In a way of motivating those that have made self development, FUFA will put in a place a fund to help coaches either by paying for coaching courses or funding travels for those that want to enroll for courses abroad.’

The coaches on the other hand called upon FUFA to make the Uganda Football Coaches Association vibrant and strong and not just a political tool.

Joel Muyita

Joel Muyita is a senior staff writer at Kawowo Sports.

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