Minister of state for Sports Hamson Denis Obua as he toured the land in Kabarole district for the new Buhinga Stadium

The past fortnight, the upcoming 90 days and possibly the next year are crucial periods benchmarked for development of new stadia in the Northern and Western parts of Uganda.

The development comes after the commencement of the feasibility studies for the Akii Bua (Lira) and Buhinga (Kabarole) stadia projects.

Two consultancy firms (Infrastructure Cost and Management Consultancy Limited as well as Habitant Consultants Limited) were given contracts to undertake the feasibility studies for Buhinga and Akii Bua stadia respectively.

This was then followed by the handing over the respective projects to the two firms.

First, the State minister of sports Hamson Denis Obua accompanied by his team and officials from the Ministry of Education and Sports as well as the National Council of Sports travelled to Lira, handing over to Habitant Consultants Limited.

A group photograph for officials with the state minster of sports Hon. Hamson Denis Obua in Lira
The minister of state for sports Hon. Denis Hamson Obua

A few days later, they handed Infrastructure Cost & Management Ltd Consultants to Kabarole District Management to undertake a 90 day feasibility study for the construction of Buhinga Stadium in Kabarole.

The land for the new Buhinga Stadium in Kabarole District

The Government of Uganda is determined to revive the sports infrastructure. Mandela National Stadium renovation is about to start. Nakivubo is underway and now the feasibility studies for Buhinga and Akii Bua will commence as early as October 2020. Priority has been given the development of sports infrastructure which are key in the growth of the sports sector. Our focus is too improve sports infrastructure around the country and also upgrade the available stadia.

Hamson Denis Obua, State Minister of Sports

Total Cost:

Buhinga stadium feasibility study will cost Shs 560,000,000 and the Akibua stadium shall cost Shs. 424, 800,000.

The consultancy firms are expected to begin their work as soon as possible to be able to give the results of their studies so that they can be presented to the People’s Republic of China who offered a grant to work on these two facilities.

The officials on a tour in Kabarole

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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