Hon David Ogand and Hnery Owor admires the players boots donated

Regional League play-offs:

Eastern: 27th October 2020 – Gadafi Vs Admin – 10 am

North East: 27thOctober 2020 – Sansiro Vs Team Church – 2 pm

28th October 2020 – Rest Day

29th October 2020: Gadafi or Admin Vs Sansiro or Team Church – 12 pm

*All matches at FUFA Technical Center, Njeru

In preparation for the long awaited FUFA Big League promotional play-offs, management of Admin Football Club has been boosted by 21 pairs of playing boots and Shs 1,000,000.

The donation was offered by political aspirant Dennis Peter Ogandi coming well in time ahead of the play-off duel against Jinja based Gaddafi on Tuesday, 27th October 2020 at the FUFA Technical Center, Njeru in Buikwe District.

Ogand handed over the boots to the Admin FC president Henry Owor, flanked by the club head coach Nasibu Ndinta at the club head office in Paya, Tororo.

That foot is a source of income so players must play with passion in order to achieve success

David Ogand
Hon.David Ogand addresses
Hon Ogand Denis Peter hands over the boots

Ogandi pledged to forge a long standing partnership with Admin Football Club and he will be willing to support the club at all times.

The development comes after state Minister for Mineral Development, Sarah Achieng Opendi also contributed Shs 3,100,000 to the team’s fundraising drive “Operation Big League”.

Meanwhile, pprominent businessmen, politicians and well-wishers have contributed generously as Peter Ondur, Amos Okech Opoya, Alfred Oketcho, Samuel Katandi, Sylvia Nakyanzi, Deogracious Emojong, Dr Innocent Oringo, James Micha, Hon. Gloria Oburu, Daniel Odeke and Hon Fox Odio (NRM flag bearer of West Budama), among others.

Admin Football Club

Admin were leaders of the Bukedi group by the time the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) called off the 2019/20 Regional League because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Tororo based club will be facing Jinja’s army side Gaddafi in a highly anticipated thriller.

The winner between Gadaffi and Admin shall battle for the champion from North-Eastern Region.

Full Programme for All Promotional Play-offs:

18th October 2020 – Arrival for Kitara, Kiboga Young, Ndejje University, Kataka

19th October 2020:

Kitara Vs Kataka – 10 am (Njeru)

Kiboga Young Vs Ndejje University – 2 pm (Njeru)

20th  October 2020 – Rest Day

Final, 21st October 2020 – Kitara or Kataka Vs Kiboga Young or Ndejje University – 12 pm (Njeru)

Regional play offs:

22nd October 2020 – Arrival of Buwambo United, Edgars, Catda, Luweero United

Buganda: 23rd October 2020 – Buwambo United Vs Luweero United – 10 am (Njeru)

Kampala: 23rd October 2020 – Edgars Vs Catda – 2 pm (Njeru)

24th  October 2020 – Rest Day

Final: Buwambo United or Luweero United Vs Edgars Vs Catda – 12 pm (Njeru)

26th  October 2020 – Arrival of Gadafi, Sansiro, Admin, Team Church

Eastern: 27th October 2020 – Gadafi Vs Admin – 10 am (Njeru)

North East: 27th October 2020 – Sansiro Vs Team Church – 2 pm (Njeru)

28th October 2020 – Rest Day

29th October 2020: Gadafi or Admin Vs Sansiro or Team Church – 12 pm (Njeru)

30th October 2020: Arrival for Asingye, Booma, Kigezi, Terrazo & Tiles

Kitara: 31st October 2020: Asingye Vs Booma – 10 am (Njeru)

Western: 31st October 2020: Terrazo & Tiles Vs Kigezi – 2 pm (Njeru)

1st November 2020: Rest Day

2nd November 2020: Asingye or Booma Vs Terrazo & Tile Vs Kigezi (12 pm) – Njeru

3rd November 2020: Arrival for Young Elephant, Calvary, Hot Springs, Northern Gateway

Northern: 4th November 2020: Young Elephant Vs Northern Gateway – 10 am (Njeru)

West Nile: 4th November 2020: Calvary Vs Hot Springs – 2 pm (Njeru)

5th November 2020: Rest Day

6th November 2020: Young Elephant or Northern Gateway Vs Calvary Vs Hot Springs

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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