Fred Kajoba

FUFA has dismissed Fred Kajoba’s employment case he filed against his former employers Bright Stars Football Club Kawowo Sports can reliably confirm.

The coach currently at Vipers SC petitioned FUFA on 9th January 2020 on grounds that Bright Stars FC owed him overdue payables amounting to UGX 46,790,000.

Kajoba claimed that the arrears were arising from two different contracts with the club. It should be noted that he joined the Kawempe based side in November 2014 signing a two-year contract. This was later renewed in 2017 for a further two years.

The FUFA Dispute Resolution Chamber has thrown out Kajoba’s case on grounds of lapse of time of petitioning especially on the first contract (2014-2016).

“The Employment case for Kajoba against Bright Stars FC especially with the first contract was filed outside the stipulated period of petitioning. “

According to Article 25(5) of the FIFA Regulations, “The Players’ Status Committee, the
Dispute Resolution Chamber, the single judge or the DRC judge (as the case maybe) shall not hear any case subject to these Regulations if more than two years have elapsed from the event giving rise to the dispute. Application of this time limit shall be examined ex officio in each individual case”.

In the second contract (2017-2019) both Kajoba and Bright Stars FC had agreed that for game where the team scores 2+ goals, the coach would receive a bonus of UGX 90,000.

With Bright Stars FC managing to do so 11 times during the 2018/19 season, Kajoba was paid UGX 990,000 on 26th October 2020 according to the ruling made.

Joel Muyita is a senior staff writer at Kawowo Sports.

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