Buganda Kingdom Minister of Sports , Leisure and Recreation Owek. Henry Moses Ssekabembe Kiberu Credit: © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

Time immemorial the Bika Bya Baganda sports tournament has taken the lead as of the best attended recreational events in Uganda.

Since 1950, the Bika Bya Baganda football tournament has been played in Buganda Kingdom as an unifying championship for all the subjects of the Kabaka that belong to the 54 clans in the Kingdom.

In a bid to re-energize this annual event, the Minister of Sports, Leisure and Recreation in the Buganda Kingdom Owek. Henry Moses Ssekabembe Kiberu has appointed a special 9 man committee.

This special committee is to help invigorate the championship with worthwhile proposals as well as ideas, all strategies to lure sponsors and partners, with endeavors intended to boost this tournament.

The chairperson of this committee is Julius Kabugo, the former chairman of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Football Club.

Julius Kabugo bounces back into football affairs Credit: KCCA FC Media

Samuel Mpiima is the committee secretary. The members on this committee include the chairperson of this very tournament organizing committee Sulaiman Magala and the chairman of the Masaza Cup organizing committee Sulaiman Ssejjengo.

Al Hajji Sulaiman Magala,
Sam Mpiima
Sulaiman Ssejjengo

Others are journalists Samuel Mpoza (NTV), Hassan Badiru Zziwa (Observer) and Daniel Katabira, Rose Kaala as well as veteran sports administrator Paul Mujjabi (Prime minister of Enseenene clan).

Sam Mpoza

The Kingdom of Buganda values the Bika Bya Baganda tournament preciously. It is upon the bika affiliation that the Baganda have a belonging. These tournaments therefore are envisaged on strong cultural attachments that further foster unity among the subjects of the Kabaka. Therefore, we need to revamp the energy in such events with creation of special committees as this. All the people appointed on the committee are passionate about the Buganda Kingdom, their respective clans and sports development within the Kingdom. I trust and have a lot of faith in them.

Owek. Henry Moses Ssekabembe Kiberu, Minister of Sports, Leisure and Recreation in Buganda Kingdom
Owek. Henry Moses Ssekabembe Kiberu, Minister of Sports, Leisure and Recreation in Buganda Kingdom

The 2020 edition of the championship was not held because of the Coronavirus pandemic that brought business across all the sectors to a stand still all over the world.

With a ban on public gatherings which would precipitate the spread of this highly contagious virus, sports events as the Bika Bya Baganda and the Masaza Cup championship were affected.

The Masaza Cup kicked off on 12th December 2021 with a camp environment at the FUFA Technical Center, Njeru and the final between record winners Gomba and Buddu shall be played on 6th March 2021 at the St Mary’s Stadium, Kitende.

Plans are underway to have the Bika Bya Baganda tournaments (football and netball) kick off by June 2021.

Like the norm has been over the years, every tournament opening and closing matches are graced by the Kabaka of Buganda His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.

Mbogo clan won the 2019 edition.

Special Bika Revival Committee:

Chairman: Julius Kabugo

Secretary: Samuel Mpiima

Members: Sulaiman Magala, Sulaiman Ssejjengo, Samuel Mpoza (NTV), Hassan Badiru Zziwa, Rose Kaala, Daniel Katabira, Owek. Mujjabi (Katikkiro w’Ekika ky’Enseenene)

All Bika Football Tournament Winners since 1950:

  • 1950: Mbogo
  • 1951: Ngabi Nsamba
  • 1952: Mmamba Gabunga
  • 1953: Not Held
  • 1954: Not Held
  • 1955: Kkobe
  • 1956: Mmamba Gabunga
  • 1957: Nyonyi Nyange
  • 1958: Ngeye
  • 1959: Mmamba Gabunga
  • 1960: Ffumbe
  • 1961: Bbalangira and Kkobe
  • 1962: Nkima
  • 1963: Not Held
  • 1964: Mmamba Gabunga
  • 1965: Mmamba Gabunga
  • 1987: Ngabi Nsamba
  • 1988: Lugave
  • 1989: Mmamba Gabunga
  • 1990: Lugave
  • 1991: Ngeye
  • 1992: Ngeye
  • 1993: Nkima
  • 1994: Mmamba Gabunga
  • 1995: Lugave
  • 1996: Mpindi
  • 1997: Nnyonyi
  • 1998: Lugave
  • 1999: Lugave
  • 2000: Mpologoma
  • 2001: Ngo
  • 2002: Mpologoma
  • 2003: Mmamba Gabunga
  • 2004:Lugave
  • 2005: Ffumbe
  • 2006: Mpindi
  • 2007: Ngabi Nsamba
  • 2008: Kkobe
  • 2009: Ffumbe
  • 2010: Nte
  • 2011: Mmamba Gabunga
  • 2012: Ngeye
  • 2013: Ngabi Nsamba
  • 2014: Mmamba Gabunga
  • 2015: Mbogo
  • 2016: Nte
  • 2017: Nte
  • 2018: Nkima
  • 2019: Mbogo

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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